Posted by: Moon | July 25, 2014

How the projects are going ….

Surprisingly well !!!

At a risk of having the label “All the gear, No Idea”.. I have unpacked my new equipment, and started work.

My first effort, a table for the saw wasn’t the best, but, as a virgin, you learn on the job, and the table was square, flat, stable and can take the saw perfectly… just not aesthetically pleasing as I would of hoped… and I still have all my digits !

The second table was much better, and it is something I am very proud off. It’s a perfect work bench, and has been in use daily to start my real, major project.

I have been busy every night this week building Matej’s birthday present, an addition to his existing jungle gym. It has not been easy, but with calm (very unusual from me) and calculated approach, I am getting there, and so far, pleased with the results.

The frame work is done, but, with the bad weather around, I decided to build this undercover, and didn’t think about the weight of the damn thing when I had to move it to it’s lawn position ! But, as is the neighborly way, 8 people turned up to the lure of alcohol, and last night we moved it into it’s position. I leveled it, and proceeded with the rest of the work.

I think I have done the major hard work, and now I am building his house part, then the connecting bridge and finally a climbing wall…. we will see how that all goes. I then have to figure out windows, doors etc… but, that can wait

He comes back from his ‘holiday’ at his Grandparents on Saturday morning… not sure how much I would have finished by then… we will see !

image (2)

image (1)

image (1)





  1. impressive!

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