Posted by: Moon | October 19, 2016

Here we go.. a blog about my ramblings

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a blog, or indeed, wrote about anything…

Life has changed remarkably since I last picked up my pen (keyboard). Mainly due to the fact of this little arrival..



Meet May Charlotte !.. she is now nearly 7 months old, and has the whole family wrapped around her finger. When we knew we were having a 2nd child, I really felt I wanted another Son. I get on so well with Matej, and I kinda knew what I was doing with a lad in the house. Naturally he is into sport, we watch the football, F1 together (Hrs explaining that Hamilton is not winning today, thats Rosberg).. we swim together, climb tress, generally, boy stuff. I was nervous over how I would handle a little girl. well, as Miska told me (she is often right, I’ll admit it).. May has been a joy and has taken my heart. the fact Matej seems to adore her, and apart from lack of sleep, May has been a dream.

We both have new jobs now, Miska running her own business and I am working for a great UK company back in my old industry of Credit Insurance and Finance.

Matej is now 6, and is at big school. He continues to be a very good lad, testing us at times, but what little boy wouldn’t.

We still have Meg, our faithful hound. a couple of dogs have come and gone, including the very sad loss of our little Molly to poison. We have 4 cats, Miny, Mo, Tom and Dave (yes, don’t let your kids name a pet)

The house continues to be developed and is the centre of our lives. Slovakia still treats me well, and I am as happy and content as I ever can be. The rock of all this family life is Miska… who works so hard, running the house, organising 3 people, building her business, keeping us all on track and does it without any moaning (I don’t count moaning at me.. thats a given)

I will start to blog I think, I still have a story to tell. The days when I used to blog there were many bloggers who I loved to read… I think those days have gone… but I do think I have a story or two to tell…. we will see !


  1. Good to see life in Slovakia is still great!

    • It is, It feels like home now

  2. It’s remarkable here visiting Ant, the smell of smoke at night is intoxicating!

    Will be coming to you soon enough mate.

    Love to you all

  3. It’s nice to read again something from you.And even better to read such a nice news.

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