Posted by: Moon | July 28, 2014

Getting there …!

I worked all Thursday afternoon and evening, and took a days holiday on Friday, and worked 7am until 9pm … to try to get as finished as I could before Matej came home ..

This is what he came home to


He didn’t know what I had been working on, and the words made me said made me so proud !.. he simply said “WOW!!”

When he saw it, there were no steps and no bridge to the smaller house, but, Saturday pm, we fixed all that.

I still have a lot to finish, but, it is getting there.

I have only had one breakdown of swearing !.. that was the final piece on Saturday night, trying to connect the bridge… it was getting dark, and it didn’t fit ! it was too low, and uneven, and I could not understand why, I was gutted, he so wanted to go across to the other house. M took him inside to the bath, I remained out there, in the dark, using my grinder, only the sparks of cutting the metal to see with (amazed I didn’t lose a finger) until M dragged me inside. I was SO angry I had fucked it up. No matter what she said, I was down and upset. I woke at 5am, went back out, and with 5 mins in the morning light, I fixed the issue, mended the bridge, and then when M woke and helped me, it was done ! (lesson learnt !)

The secret behind this (remember, I have never made anything, and this was all from raw timber, no plans or anything) is taking time to think about it, and the commitment to buy the proper tools.

I have loved it, and already I have [plans for some other things …. I think I have found a new hobby !

But, I need a decent plane I think, I sanded all of this using my grinder. gives a great finish, but 5 hrs of sanding, with dust EVERYWHERE… fuck that, not again !

Plavé Vozokany-20140725-00312

The sense of achievement to see y son loving and playing on something I built is one of the best feelings I have ever had…



  1. Bahaha. Alright chalky?

  2. (Looks amazing by the way)

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