Here’s me :

Been about a bit…. married to the beautiful Mrs M, a Slovakian beauty I was lucky enough to meet in London, married Dec ’07 at the top of a very snowy Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. Decided to give the life of living in on the sunny coast of California a go, but after two years decided that a life in Rural Slovakia would be more fun. Moved to Slovakia 4yrsago, now we have a amazing 3yr old month old Son, Matej, a little dog called Meg we rescued from the side of the road and a renovated, ongoing, beautiful old Slovak house in the tiny village of Medvecke! At 42 yrs old, I have traveled to many places, loved every one of them, and my desire to keep seeing the world continues. I am very proud to be English, but I leave that behind when I travel, and adopt the country I am in. Like most men, my loves are sport, Golf, Cricket, football, the American sports and now Hockey in my adopted country…but I am firmly in touch with my feminine side, Mrs M worries as she thinks I have a crush on Gordon Ramsay !

I have a huge love of animals, from Elephants, Beluga Whales, Dogs, Cats…. anything really ….the outdoors fascinates me, I love to swim in the ocean, learnt to snowboard, roller blade along Newport Beach, and generally walk hand in hand with Mrs M.

My humour is very diverse, mainly sarcastic, but I laugh at anything, nothing offends me, so apologies if I offend, and of course, I am prone to bad language, so again, I apologise for that ……….

You may never have an interest in my posts, my ramblings, but we will see…. I think I am interesting, leave me your comments… both the good and the bad !

To add an update to this, we are on the verge of yet another move, back to the USa for work reasons, sadly not California where we had so many good times, but, to North Michigan, Rochester Hills…. wish us luck


  1. Wow, like you, never had any interest in blogging. This is probably only the 2nd or 3rd I’ve read. I am however, intrigued by the prospects of this. i won’t say that I will ever write my own blog, but at the very least I will follow yours. In this way I guess I can live a seperate life vicariously through your blogs. Besides, we miss you enough to want to follow whats going on in your life. I’ll be back soon. Give the Mrs. our love. Hugs and kisses to you also of course. ps:Gordon Ramsay RULES! Sorry Mrs. M. XO

  2. Great to hear from you !, hope all is well ?, and I am honoured to have you reading my thoughts… i haven’t changed since we last spoke, you will now get to hear my inner thoughts !.. say hi to the pups and birds ! x

  3. top tat!

  4. I leave the jiggery pokery with IT with the kids so I am not even sure that this response will arrive at its destination…. but it is just to say that I have very fond memories of the time our life paths crossed for a few years and I hope that one day they do again Si…. take care of that lovely lady of yours, Dee X PS. the sofa is still going strong! Thanks!

  5. great blog..

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