Posted by: Moon | February 19, 2013

Health and time …… how and when ?

As I hit 30 ish …. I am struggling with fitness, esp during the winter months here, it is nearly impossible to find anything to help fitness wise.

I can’t run. Hate it, boring and with 4 knee ops and a bad hip, never ever going to be a runner. During my younger days, I was always playing sport, football and cricket my main two, but always finding something to play, and this has always kept me pretty fit. After my retirement from Football, and then the move to the USA (Not too much cricket for me there) I took to other forms of fitness, blading by the beach, and the most enjoyable and obvious, the gym.

I really got into the gym, with decent music to listen to, I would head there 3-4 times a week, include a swim, and generally, was probably the fittest I have ever been.

Then two things happened. The move to Slovakia (Gym time not so easy here) and of course, Matej.

We both work decent hours, Mrs M more so than me, so with the balance of trying to get Matej to school, collect and home for dinner, bath and bed, there leaves no time for much else. During the summer that can change, long lighter evenings, the chance to ride or skate is there, plus the exercise of getting the grass cut, house sorted etc should be enough, but the winter time is awful

I do have two gyms quite close by, but, when to go ? If I want to use the one close to work, it means taking two cars to the office. This is about a 60km round trip, so proves expensive with petrol etc. The other gym is closer for weekend use, but only opens at 9am, so, but the time I have got there, done my stuff, showered and home, that most of either Saturday or Sunday morning gone and …. going once a week to the gym is pretty pointless right ….

All excuses .. well no, I don’t think so, more practical reasons that makes it so hard to even try to get to a routine for the gym etc .. so, what do I do.

I have taken coffee, Alcohol and Chocolate out of my diet. This is to try to give my body some chance to ‘clean up’ .. the headaches are going slightly, but, I am not feeling the benefits just yet, but I know I will… just how and what to do for damn exercise !!!


  1. Have you tried cross-country skiing? It can be relaxing or a good workout, depending on how hard you push yourself. You can even bring the little one too by using a ski pulk! There is snow on the ground here from October to late May, so finding a winter sport that I enjoy is a must. If you’ve never tried it, I would strongly recommend a decent pair of skis and a few lessons to get you going.

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