Posted by: Moon | January 14, 2013

It’s a shite job …. !

No photos with this post, which I think you might be happy about ..

We are potty trained .. yes, yes, I know you non parents really are not interested in this, but, of course it is a monumental moment for Matej and us. We took off the nappy one morning, had one ‘accident’ and from then on, not one single issue, we are delighted.

He is 2.5 now, so we probably have left this too long, but, you need the time to be around for a couple of days, and with work, travel etc, the time has never been right for us. Over Christmas, we obviously had the time, and Matej has moved to Pants !!.. oh yes.. not just pants, but pants with faces and everything on. These have now become his favourite item of clothing. Most days we get a parade (well, a yelling naked boy) legging it around the house prior to the ‘pant ceremony’) then a further display of the ‘Pant Runner”.. (Not quite as good as the Kite Runner to be fair …. )

So, now we have daily, well, mainly hourly (I am sure he has a women’s bladder) of the “Wee Wee’ dance, and of course the daily “Kaka” routine .. Never has so much shit produced more high fives and chocolates ! I don’t get this, he gets celebrated, praised and chocolate when he has a poo, I get moaned at and complained at that I am taking so “fucking” long (My wife’s words, not mine).

There you go, we are now nappy free (also means we can afford another mortgage… do you know how expensive they are !), we have one further problem, he does seem to spend a lot of time with his hands inside his pants now, I keep telling him he has years to enjoy that, but, for now, that’s what we have to put up with. I am not sure he will grow out of this, most men seem incapable of stopping this habit, but then again, what harm does it do ? as long as he stops doing in supermarkets, after all, he won’t go blind will he !

So our baby is now a boy, so full of spirit and life, and with a great sense of humour. He finds endless humour in farts, being scared with surprise “Leap outs”… and a giggle that melts our hearts.

He sleeps really well, every night, with our routine, he is in his bed and asleep in minutes, BUT, the little sod seems to love an early morning, and if he sleeps past 6am, then we feel blessed !

One final point, if you do have a 2yr old, and you don’t know what to buy him for Christmas, let me give you some sound advice… DO NOT buy them a hockey stick ! He needs to learn the ‘Slashing’, ‘Hooking’ and ‘High Sticking’ laws …. Our corner has become the sin bin, and our boy seems destined to spend about 6 months a year there ! ….

But, all in all, The Little Terrorist is doing ok, and both parents are still alive , thats a win !


  1. Hahah! Yeah, we gave our younger son a cricket bat when he was about eighteen months old. Made some very cute photos, but then turned into a lethal weapon. Would have been worse if he’d been able to lift it more than waist high!

    Good for you two and Matej! High fives and chocolate all round!

  2. Aww, it’s quite a milestone. Had two failures with my first so took it easy with the second. Now if I can teach him not to splash on the toilet floor……

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