Posted by: Moon | March 1, 2010

A year on …

Here we are, finally, over a year on and it is going to be one of the most important, crucial days for my great friend over in California. My blog friends that have been with me for a while will remember how distraught I was a year ago when my great friend Jeff, our neighbour in Newport Beach, made the mistake of his life. I will not go into all those details, for a few reasons…. the main one is I guess, I really still do not know what actually went on that night. I believe what Jeff says, but if I am honest, I don’t actually know. Only Jeff will really know.

Well, today is his time in Court. He will be found guilty of certain things. He is guilty of certain things, including DUI, for the 3rd time in his life. Sounds awful that… and I guess it is. But 3 times over 25 years does make it sound a little different, but the fact remains he was DUI, and the very sad fact remains that somebody lost their life in that tragic accident that night.

Who was to blame for the accident ? I don’t know. I do know some of the facts, and if the sentence today does not reflect that crime, Jeff will be heading into trial.

I was talking to his wonderful loving sister last week, and can you believe, that ‘if’ it is proved that Jeff was DUI, but not responsible for the accident, he is facing 10 years in prison. If he is proved to be guilty, the maximum sentence the DA is looking for is over 18 years … Now that is a shock to the system !!!!

I have never said Jeff deserve to be let go with a smack on the hand… but please… let the sentence fit the crime ……

Our prayers are with you my friend…

************ UPDATE ***********

Jeff was ‘offered’ 14 years by the judge for this crime, he has rejected this, and now they are heading for a trial, no idea is this is good or bad..



  1. This is such a tough one Moon because no matter how much you love him and clearly you do, we’ll never know exactly what happened that night. We’ll never know if it was bad judgement or hooliganism, stupidity or a terrible accident. I wish him well. Both sentences are devastating.

    • I am biased, and I do believe what he has told others. He has never spoken to me about what happened, as letters etc are censored …. I just hope it’s fair, and the facts are proved either way, and of course he will be strong enough to cope with the outcome ..

  2. Seems a bit unfair for the process to have taken this long, regardless of the crime. It must be extremely hard on his friends and family, as well as himself. Let us hope the sentence fits the crime, and that it is seen as fair by all concerned. Still, a tragedy by any measure.

    • To be fair, the reason it has taken so long is by design of Jeff’s counsel and team. They wanted to make the process and trial as far away from the incident as possible. Take away press and emotion from the original high profile story ….

      Fair is all we want, he deserves a punishment, but for the sentence to fit the crime ..

      • So, off to trial. By judge or by jury? Fourteen years seems such a long time. Here in Vancouver he would likely get a maximum of 4 or 5 years, get 2x credit for time served already (2 years), and be eligible for parole after serving 2/3 of his sentence. He would be out in 6 months.

      • I guess it’s all to do with a death involved, and if Jeff is responsible for that death or not .. we say no, he says no, the DA says yes .. so trial it is. Not too sure on all the details as yet ..

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