Posted by: Moon | May 3, 2014

Decisions, Decisions…


It was a tough decision for us both to move back to the USA, so many things screamed “Stay at Home you Idiots”…. well, that certainly was Mrs M’s view when the subject first came up in Nov of last year.

It’s funny how a simple, throw away comment can develop in other people minds, then present itself to you in a fully formed plan. Thats how it started, on a business trip through Europe, hrs spent in a car with a colleague, and a throw away, unimportant conversation between Brussels and Paris.

We first heard things were afoot when a colleague from Austria came into my office, M happened to be there, and made some small talk, and ended with the question and how do you see next year?”…. professionally replied by me going on about sales, orders etc … and then he said and congratulations on your move to America”…. You fucking what ??????? …

Seems he had jumped the gun, but clearly, this was being discussed at the highest level, (we work for a 500mil t/o company) and after some probing, I found out an offer was being prepared. During all of this planning from above, not one person had asked myself or M if we were interested. At the time, we certainly were not. finally, after some stressful, meaningless conversations with m and I… after all, we had nothing to discuss… we didn’t know what, when, why and how.

The offer duly arrived in Jan, and to be fair, I will be honest in my first words I spoke to my boss…”you are fucking joking right?””. It was laughable offer, really embarrassingly poor…They weren’t joking though. We were told to go away, think on the offer, and then come back on Monday with our thoughts… We did, they were not well received. However, throughout the next 3 months of negotiation, we had a trump card. We were both in total agreement on what it would take to move, and not once did we waiver from that demand, and more importantly, our demands were sensible, not greedy in anyway, and we could easily justify what we were saying. Simple research, our previous experience of living in the USA helped. It’s a powerful thing when we knew they approached us, and that we were not for deviating.

Until we took a trip out there in Feb this year, we were still undecided, but, talking with our new boss, finding the area to live in, a great school for Matej to attend, we were convinced this would work. The main drivers were the change of scene for M, and furthering in my career, to show Matej some of the world, and to take a 2nd chance (most people don’t get one) to live in another culture…. but, only if the deal made sense.

This was not about money I can assure you, we are not going to become millionaires over this, far from it, I would imagine we will break about even, but have the experiences as our profit.

With this, there is also a downside, never is something all profit right ?.. we have to leave behind our wonderful house, this perfect village, our friends here, and of course, Matej’s Grandparents. we have worked so hard to build this dream house, we have spent hrs landscaping the extensive property, and finally, we think we are getting somewhere. The only saving grace is the fact this is not a permanent move, and our house and everything will still be here on our return… but, it’s the hardest thing to do….

So, currently, we have a move date of July 1st, but, the is one HUGE hurdle left in all of this.. our Visas. They are currently going through the approval process, and you never know how the wonderful system can kick you in the balls… trust me, I have been there if my older readers remember ……..


  1. It all sounds very exciting. I doubt I would ever be brave enough to do similar but hope it all works out for you and goes smoothly

    • Thanks x I don’t think there is too much to be brave about, esp the fact we have our home back here to retreat to… so, all positives etc …

  2. Really love reading your blog, my son is married to a slovak girl and loves the peace and quiet of the country and the ability to escape there from busy corporate life in the UK. Can really understand your reluctance to leave even if only temporary.

    • thanks for your kind comments … Where does he live ?.. it’s a totally different place from living in England / London

  3. They live north of London and work in London but have a place in Liptosky Hradok which they visit as often as possible and hope to build a place eventually like you did.Were are you going to in the USA ?

    • beautiful part of the world, I never knew the mountains were there until I moved here !

  4. I’ve been trying to keep up to date with the details of this but miss titbits every now and again, I’m glad you wrote this post up. I hope that the visas come through quickly and that the move isn’t too dreadful a transition. It must be exciting (even though disappointing to have to leave your home) to have that change of scene for a bit, hope that it works out well.

    • Thanks, we had some visa news last night, they require more, in-depth questions answers. This is not unusual, but delays things a little further. We are excited by the change of scene, new adventures with our boy, and the fact we are coming home makes it all much easier.

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