Posted by: Moon | November 13, 2012

Now that’s Entertainment …

So, M is away in the USA for 9 days, and I am left to look after *keep alive, The Terrorist.

He is a good lad normally in a very good mood, unless he cannot have Pooh about, and after his emotional hugging on Sunday, I thought I should put him to work.

We have 3 large walnut trees in the garden, and they provide us with shade in the summer, nuts in the Autumn and fucking leaves galore in the winter !!! The leaves, if left, will kill the grass (this bothers me) and the neighbour get pissed off if the leaves go on his lawn (This does not bothers me so much). It is, I think, a very Slovak thing where the appearance of your property is important to others. To be fair, we live in a nice, small village, and all the houses do keep the gardens nice, and there is never any litter about, so I guess it is kinda fair enough. Also, our neighbour has been good to us, they are a nice couple and its always good to have nice neighbours right ?… so, I made Matej do the right thing ..

He did it with great energy and gusto, for 3 mins, then he decided that the slide was alot more fun !!!…. I tried to coax him back to helping, but he simply trundled off, got his tractor out of the garage and headed up the road. Being the decent Father that I am, I dutifully followed him and made sure he didn’t get as far as Hungary or go under the wheels of any approaching combine !

All in all, it was a success. He came back home all rosy cheeked, happy to a warm fire, dinner and his favourite thing, the shower .. or “shoow” as it apparently is called. With neither Pooh on Donkey allowed in the shower, they have to sit and watch, he can be there for hours. I am sure he would drain the lake if I let him stay there long enough ..

So, all in all, a decent Sunday, only another 7 days to keep him happy *alive


  1. nothing like a little fresh air, leaf raking and a drive up the road to make a little guy sleep really really good. Can’t believe how fast he is growing.

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