Posted by: Moon | July 10, 2014

Some new projects !

As we move on from the disappointment of the USA (Even though this isn’t 100% dead), we decided that life would now focus on the wonderful things we do have here at home.

I have finally decided that spending 6 hrs cutting grass couldn’t carry on, and we bought a sit on mower. This makes me and the boy very happy, and it means I can now cut all the grass on the property in about 2 hrs… and I am not knackered afterwards. The only downside to this is the fact I often have a little ‘helper’ riding shotgun.. love him !

We then started to discuss the future, and M really wants chickens. That’s not an issue, we have the room, and we like the idea of eggs and some animals. But.. as there always is, they have to have a house right .. ?

People that know me, and knew my Dad, will know DIY (apart from sister Rach) does not flow that easily though our genes. My hands are soft, woman’s hands, used to a keyboard and phones. However, I am not a stupid man, and we decided that I would break my virginity, and plan, build a hen house.. after all, they don’t need Windsor Castle do they !

After thinking, and planning what we needed, I am all up for it… then we started drinking … always a bad idea.

We sat in the garden and looked at Matej’s play house, and how much he loves and uses it, and we decided we wanted to make it bigger to meet his play needs as he grows. We looked at buying another unit from the same place we bought this on from … 700 Euros.. fuck that ! Our builder, who does such a fantastic job.. he can do it.. we can buy the timber, he can build what we want… jobs a good ‘un. Then my wife says “You are not useless, why don’t you build it?”… My 1st reaction to this was beer down my nose. I think the reason for this is confidence. It’s for my son, I want it to be good… that’s said, I thought about it, took a careful look at what we already have got, and thought ‘yeah, that’s do able’


I am not one for planning, more like give it a whirl, swear like a trouper, and see what comes out. Normally, shit comes out….. so, we discussed this and decided .. rather than pay a good carpenter 400 Euro labour, lets buy the right saw and tools, and do it properly. We will spend the same money, but have the asset of the tools for the Chicken Shed, other projects etc…. DEAL !

so, tomorrow, we buy ourselves a Mitre saw and router, and I will make two work benches for my 1st projects, then tackle the play house.

I am really excited over this. Living here often causes me to be left back a little, through my lack of confidence with DIY, lack of correct tools, and other thinking I have no clue on these things (Not my wife I might add)… this is a chance for me to start doing work on my own home, and more importantly, when people see his new house, he can say “Daddy built it for me”… and that really means something to me.

I have drawn plans, thought about how I want to do this very carefully, and after buying the right tools (Not trying to half do it using chainsaws etc, I am sure this can be done, and be done correctly .. I’ll let you know how I get on this weekend !!

Wish me luck people ! (and, no, we are not having a swear box !!!)


  1. You can do it! I got a electric miter saw for my 55th birthday ( a decade ago) and put down a laminate floor using it. Just take it slow, keep your fingers out of the way and keep the little one a distance away. Great feeling of accomplishment!

    • Well, I am not stupid, so, with some thought, and the right tools, I am going to give it a go !

  2. Don’t forget to have a couple of beers before you start! That is how it works in Slovakia :o)

    • Hey my friend… How are you ??… always a beer on hand, it makes the wood look straighter !

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