Posted by: Moon | June 12, 2014

What’s next ?

What to do next ?

as I have said, we were shocked about our visas refusal… so, you have to move on.

Over the last 10-14 days, we have mentally worked ourselves around this change of plans, and we know we have a good plan b in place… but, we are still upset over this denial.

Things moved a little yesterday, we had meetings with the Management at work, and after discussions, they decided to try to move this forward. They want to find a new lawyer (Hopefully a specialist) and instead of appealing against the decision (timescale 6-18 months) they would file a whole new application. They still want us there, and they are going to try all they can to get us there. We were very frustrated, considering we have been through this visa process before, they didn’t ask us, or ask us to help guide the inexperienced people here.

Question is… do we want this ?

Simple answer is “Yes”.. but, with added caveats this time.

We wants a plan B commitment from the company first. what will happen if this fails ?
We want a final time scale put on this. If we don’t have this agreed by Jan 1st, we will not go.

We are going to personally approach this differently. We actually don’t believe they will change the visa decision. It is very hard to over turn the decision once made. Also, we have decided we are not talking about this to each other. Last time we went over and over the different scenarios with each other, and it drove us mad. We mentally committed to this last time, this time.. no chance. We will live and carry on in the knowledge we will 99% not be going.

That’s the only way we can cope and make sure we carry on life as normal. We will book a summer holiday away, we have also made plans to travel to England for Christmas… they remain the same.

We anticipate that this whole process will take another 4 months for there to be an answer. Without us chasing and pushing people, I think that is realistic. Last time, the procedure took 3 months, and that was with me being the driving force, organising people, getting paperwork completed. We will do what we have to do, on time, but, the rest is up to them.

So, we will see what happens, but in a much better place mentally than before.


  1. Things happen for a reason!!you will look back
    at this some time in the future and say it was meant to be

    • Spot on… we have been through worse before, and we are more settled at the outcome now

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