Posted by: Moon | June 10, 2014

Life moves and changes fast …

10 days I got out of bed, about my normal time of 5am, the sun was coming up, I switched on the computer, had coffee and started to enjoy the hr peace I usually get before the boy rises and shatters that peace.

As I always do, checked FB, Twitter, sport, emails, and then my work phone.. to see what emails I might have received from my USA colleagues…


Well that’s fucked it all up…

Visa Status “denied” ….

For us both. No reason given, no more words than that, and, all of a sudden your stomach drops and you wonder what the fuck you are going to do.

Yes, there are reasons to find out (we still don’t know officially why) appeals can be lodged (VERY unlikely to change the status, and could take 6-12 months)… there are even conversations using contacts in high places, but, the final words are this We are not relocating to America.

It has hit us hard, and the fact it has taken me 10 days to sit and write about this shows how difficult this is to take. We were ready. We had mentally invested a lot of energy into the fact we were moving, shutting down the house, taking our boy across the world. I had invested a lot of time organising the new house, cars, jobs, banks etc… you cannot imagine the conversations and negotiating that had taken place.

M had organised everything to leave Slovakia, house sitting, selling of things we didn’t need, mentally preparing everything… all for it to fall apart.

Did we invest too much time and effort, knowing the visas could fail ? That’s a fair point, however, we also knew that, once the visas decision had come, they wanted us to move within 4 weeks. We had to do all this so we would be ready to go. You cant simply wait until the decision was made.

Despite that, mentally we were ready and had made the move, and now…. well.. we are not sure what to do. The first thing we have to worry about is our jobs. Are they secure and going to remain for us here ?… We honestly don’t know. Words and promises have been made that we will be ok, but, we also know those words can easily be forgotten, so, we are in limbo right now.

We have to remember a few things. This wasn’t a dream move to set us up for life financially, nearly the opposite to be honest. We might of made some money, but the move was for experience, adventure and a good career move for me. We were only 51% in favour of going, it was that close… and, we have a plan B, and we now can enjoy the wonderful life, home, family, village friends that we already have here. We don’t have to upset M’s parents by moving, it remains easier for my Mum to visit.

We know all these positives, but it will take some time for this to sink in, for us to process it, and to come out the other side realising all the positives that we have.

Fucking sucks right now though !


  1. that is a bummer!

    • That’s an understatement …

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