Posted by: Moon | May 20, 2014

The Wonderful Visa system …

Has anyone here tried to get a USA Work visa (in any form that you can qualify) ??

I assume, as you still have your sanity and your own hair, I would suggest you haven’t.

Quite rightly, the USA is very strict about who they give their visas too. I fully agree with this stance, yet, when you have a very valid reason to be applying and need to be granted a visa, it can frustrate. I am not talking about the golden “Green Card”.. we had a chance to file for that on our last visit to California, but, we don’t want to live in the USA forever, we just need to be there for 2-3 years, to set up the process we need in our sister company, then come back home again. We have provided all that is required, and yet still, we face delays, further questions and petitions, and still we wait. The latest application is being presented today, and we will wait a further 3 weeks for any news. This is after we have paid the “Express” service as well.. Previously, this took me 4 months to get an answer !

You can imagine how this now puts us in a limbo situation.

Last month, I was in the USA for 2 weeks, I found a house, cars, school etc.. all the things we needed to sort out, and managed to get the people there to agree to hold all of this so we could wait for the visa application to go through. But, we cannot do anymore… we are ready to go, within 4 weeks of the hoped approval, we can leave… but that’s about all we can do. We cannot start to order things we need for the new house, we cannot ship anything overseas… we cannot stop our work here in Slovakia or start to close down the house ready to go.

We have done a few things. We have constructed a new fence to close off the land we have, new gates arriving soon, locks etc. We have installed security cameras on the gates and doors, found Rufus, one of our dogs, a new home… so we are gradually doing things, and mentally, we have already made the jump.

Once the visas are approved, I will fly once more, a few days before we all move to set up the house. This was questioned by our work.. Why do you need this ? Can’t you stay in a hotel until the place is ready ?. These are well meant, but, they are people that do travel frequently, alone, not with a 3 yr old, and not moving for a long time. I have to make sure the water, elc, gas etc is working and set up, most importantly, I have to get Matej’s room ready. This is going to be very unsettling for him, and we want to make sure he has a bed ready, the room looking like his own, clothes and toys there. We cannot move him into an empty room with a blow up mattress. Well, I suppose we could, but we won’t.

So, I will fly ahead of time, get all that working, importantly.. get a new TV and cable installed !!.. and fit out the kitchen ready for our arrival. Fly back home, 2 days of packing, the turn around and move us Lock, Stock and pretty much… Smoking Barrel.

So, for now, patience is the key (I am shit at that btw).. until we know for sure.. we can do fuck all !

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