Posted by: Moon | May 1, 2014

Knock, Knock … Who’s there …….

Well, cautiously says “Hello”….. open the rusty, dust cover door to my blog, and boldly pronounce….. like “Johnny …. Ï’m here”… Complete with my bad spelling, awful grammar (tough shit, live with it).

I have been a very long time since I walked away from my blog, I kinda felt my interesting life had dried up, having a young son, a huge reconstruction project on our newly acquired house in the small village of Medvecke, and basically, too much travel to the USA for work, but, I have found some enthusiasm again, and, I think our lives are about to become interesting again.

After approx 4 years in Slovakia, out of the blue, we have been asked to relocate back to the USA. This was NOT in our plans, but my past readers will know we take life each day, roll with the punches, and are never scared to take a chance, and experience life to the full. This is a slightly different affair from our last time in the USA, for starters, we are doing it with our 3, nearly 4 yr old boy, and this time, will be far more work driven (after all, they are moving us for work reasons) and to try to save some money to bring back home with us. That said, we will use every opportunity to see all the great things we can, show our boy the joy of traveling, and to take time to see my sister on the West Coast of Canada.

Our lives have changed somewhat, Mrs M has become over worked in her role here, and feels the need for a change, I also will be using this move to enhance my career, get more experience and exposure in my company, and… well… inject some excitement back into our lives.

Not that we are bored as such. I can assure, renovating the old cottage into what we have now still keeps us busy. More the outside, the land, landscaping the old garden, putting our huge ideas into the land…. This takes time, and money. The good thing is, we share the same ideas, we both want the same outcome, so we know, in the long term, we will get there.

Meg is still with us, we have been through 2 other dogs. We found one, and tried to give her a home, but, one day she disappeared off, never to be seen again. Our other hound, the beautiful “Rufus”has been with us for 9 months, but, with the move, we have had to re-home him. Not as simple as it sounds, but, we think we have finally done that now.



Our “little Terrorist”is much the same, adorable, pushing all the right buttons, bi-lingual, and like we all think of our kids, simple adorable in everyway

So, are you ready for more “Bollocks”from Moon, or is this a futile waste of a man’s time ????


  1. glad to see you back!!!

    • Thanks 1 and thanks for being my ‘virgin’ commentor 🙂

  2. As fellow bloggers we understand your hesitancy – why would anyone be interested in our goings on, and doesn’t it seem a little egocentric to think anyone might be? At the end of the day you have to do it primarily for yourself and if you get feedback good or bad then it’s a bonus. You go for it mate. I won’t bother reading it though… Hels xx

  3. Good to have you back, but don’t ever worry about thinking your life is boring and you have nothing to blog about – you’ve seen the shit I come out with right?!

    • That’s true, you do blog some awful shite x

  4. Well I take it you are not coming to the United States, so I hope to be able to have a beer with you in October. Gene & I had planned a travel to Eastern Europe this year, when he suddenly died. I decided to travel with his ashes. So we will both be going.
    I have enjoyed your rambling and feel you should write a book. Take that into consideration.
    Anyway, I am doing the rambling. If you give me your phone number I will call, unless plans change. Hope to hear from the two of you….
    Your Fish Creek Alaska friend,
    Arlene Pike

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