Posted by: Moon | January 10, 2013

Wonder if anyone still visits me ?

Gooood Morning

Here I am, fresh into 2013, the blog is still alive, and I have some free time, so I can write some more shite … (Guess I will have to plug the blog a little !)

Christmas is done, snow is lying thick around the place, heating is on fully, and all is well in the Moon household.

So, what’s been going on… in a nutshell, not a lot. The normal living kinda things

1 – Coping with a 2 month long cold for the boy
2 – Protecting my shins from his Christmas present of a hockey stick (he hasn’t quite got a grip on the ‘high sticking’ law)
3 – Meg has another broken Leg

4 – Matej looooves to bake !

5 – Plans for Easter and summer holidays (Tatra Mountains and England)
6 – Work travel to the UK and only ONE trip to the USA
7- Writing to my good friend Jeff, and realising he still has nearly 4 yrs to go !
8 – planning the next stage of developing the Moon landscape (not that Moon, I am not that ambitious!)
9 – Reading loads
10 – Eating loads
11 – Getting told off for swearing on Twitter !
12 – Preparing a rather strange shopping list for a visit to England in Feb

The list goes on, none of it very Rock ‘n’ Roll, but all good things.

The only downside is my lack of picking up the language better, basically due to how bloody hard I find it, but somewhat down to my lack of trying (Bad Me). Matej is talking lots more, in a mix of both languages, but he knows ‘Wee Wee” and “Caka”… two vital words now he is fully potty trained (took half a day people, half a day !)

So, if I have any readers left….. let me know, I am making 2013 a year of my blog !


  1. been waiting to hear from you again!

    • Glad you are still here ! much appreciated

  2. Always snooping about. Looking forward to your posts.

    • You are like a bad smell Cortes, always around …..

  3. Still around! Boy is that Mattej a cutie pie!

    • Oops! Matej 🙂

      • We think so, but of course we would ! Glad you are still about x

  4. Matej is cute … but Meg has another broken leg??? How did that happen? Yikes, your vet must love you!

    Nice to see you blogging again!

    • It was a car accident, I will blog about it soon, but she is recovering ok x and thank you, we think he is, but we are biased ..

  5. No I never visit here.


  6. Wondered where you’d gone!

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