Posted by: Moon | August 30, 2012

Birthday Boy to the Zoo !!

As a family, we love nature, and we are hoping Matej will follow us down this route. We often have Life or such other Sir David’s documentaries on, and Matej loves all the animals we have, or are on the farm. We decided to have a family day away from the house for his birthday, so we took Matej to the zoo in Bratislava

He was perfectly behaved all day, running, jumping, doing all the things little boys should. Did he look at all the animals, well, no to be honest, but as it is only 9 Euros for all three of us to get in, I wasn’t bothered at all. If I would have paid the 50 pounds it costs to get into my fav zoo in the world, Whipsnade, I might have been a bit more bothered.

He decided that not only Tigers go “Roawwwwwwwwwwwwww” but so do Lions, Bears and swans !

He loved the Orangutans ! They gave him a special show of rope swinging, and sat just behind the glass to give him kisses to his amazement…. he here is telling Miska where the Monkeys are :

Part of the Zoo is a Dino park, a slightly tacky themed park full of, well, Dinosaurs would you believe. Tacky as it might be, the kids love it, and Matej was no different, confidently getting under the Dino’s and enjoying the freedom to play. He did look a little startled as the speakers growled out the Dinosaurs voices, but he just got back in there.


Needless to say, Matej slept all the way home, a really nice family day out, makes a huge difference when they are perfect little boys right ?!?!?!


  1. seems like all little guys love dinosaurs, no matter where they live! He is just a doll!

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