Posted by: Moon | August 22, 2012

A Trip back Home

Sounds wonderful, my first trip back to home since July 2011, so, over a year ago. I am really looking forward to it, and I have a golf trip planned with my Brother, Cousin and great friends for the weekend I am there. I will fly on a Tuesday, the rather wonderful Englishmum will collect me (I hope) on the Tuesday, leaving me three days before the golf, and two after before flying back home …

But …… this is where time seems to disappear, and I end up feeling I didn’t get any break or relaxation time at all .. there is a list of people I really want to see, have a beer with in the few days I have. There is my family, I want to see them all, and spend some quality time with them, Mum and sister firstly, then My Uncle, Auntie, Cousins, their children…..

I have a couple of old work colleagues I have to try to wedge into the schedule, let alone old cricket friends for a good beer up … so, you see, time will slip away so fast.

I know the golf will be the perfect place to catch up with my friends, after all, we will spend most of the time drinking and talking bollocks whilst trying to find my ball, and evenings will be together, drinking, laughing etc, that will be perfect, but how to fit all the others in, and seeing my old town, a little shopping, 7 days just isn’t enough



  1. So what are you saying? Not enough time? Too many friends? Not enough pubs? Family vs friends? Do what comes naturally – send an email and let everyone know what pub you will be in at what time and on what day. Sorted.

  2. as long as they dont expected me to buy the beers !!!

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