Posted by: Moon | August 20, 2012

The Stern Look …

This is what I have chosen …. to peer over the top of the specs, to appear intelligent, stern, commanding … or a bit of a twat ?!?

This is all good news !

I saw the specialist in Bratislava on Friday, 1.5 hrs, with the top specialist in Slovakia, wonderful surgery, having also of things to peer at, blink at, have blown in my eye (Why do they do that !?) … and lots of pretty graphs of my cornea to look at, I have learnt that red is good, white is not good !

So, it seems that talk of a cornea transplant is wide of the mark, Yahoo, and this issue you have CAN be corrected with glasses. It just took specialist equipment and knowledge to be able to decipher what prescription I need, and it turns out to be quite simple. My eyesight is not that bad, I am not as bad a bat it would seem. But, the whole problem is the scars and the misshapen Cornea as mentioned before. If you look at my eye like a clock face, I have 8 neat scars all-round the dial, and in both eyes, the area between 3 and 6 is misshapen, and drags lower like a Salvador Dali picture, giving issues to a normal prescription.

Another piece of good news is that the Dr certainly thinks this is leading to me being very tired all the time, and wanting to close my eyes, hence falling asleep… so, from Thursday night, I should be on the way to resolve all this .

We went to look for glasses on Saturday Morning, and I know the kind of prices that can be paid in England, so I was worried on how much these would cost, but, nice surprise, the glasses were just over 100 Euros, and I can collect them on Thursday …. so, back to specs after 15 years … but, that’s a far better result than operations.

“I can see clearly now ……….”


  1. that is great news! Glasses instead of surgery.

  2. Never did like that song, bit mamsy pamsy for me, but good news on the eyesight.

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