Posted by: Moon | August 14, 2012

Dead Mans Eyes ….

After 4 knee operations, foot op, Hip Op, two nose Ops, ear op ….. I am heading for my 10th General Anesthetic …. oh the joys !

Why I hear all of you ask …… ?

Well, here’s the scoop… I need new eyes. Not quite as drastic as that, and no, I am not going to have ‘Eagle Eyes’ (for the older amongst you), but I do need a transplant, of the Corneas. ewwwwww, I hear the more squeamish say …

And here is the reason why, my Corneas are fucked, (maybe my translation of what the Dr said is not quite accurate here), but basically, they are. Approx 15 years ago, I made the decision to have my eyesight corrected, and instead of using laser adjustment, I went with micro surgery to change the shape of the cornea. At the time, no-one knew the long term effects of this, I do now.

So, for the last 15 years I have enjoyed 20/20 vision, without the hassle of glasses or contacts, a huge benefit when living in a country (USA) where we had sun everyday, and at the end of my sporting life, not having the hassles of inserting contacts etc before playing football or cricket. The joys of being able to swim without the hassle is just wonderful .. but, and there is always a but right ?

I used to be a decent cricketer, with a very safe, capable pair of hands, in my last season, I did ok with the bat, but amazingly, and very embarrassingly, I dropped 14 out of 14 catches…. fucking unheard of, and frankly, embarrassing for me, and this gave me more of a reason to stop playing than my terrible hip. I was too embarrassed to play anymore.

I was warned, that as I got older, I would need glasses, as 90% of people seem to, to read, drive etc. This is normal, and no surgery can cure of old age. Over the last two years, but more noticeably, over the last year, I have found myself struggling to read when I wake up. For example, when I travel, I always have messages (Normally from my stunning wife) on my blackberry, and I found, until an hr into my day, I could not read them. I find driving at night very tough (No, I am not 75!), because of ‘flared lights’ and, often, I have to physically ‘concentrate’ the eye, and remember to focus them…. I am sure for most of you, this is natural, but for me, I actually have to force my eyes to do this.

I am getting closer and closer to my two work monitors. Yes, I have to have two, because on my small laptop screen, I cannot see my spreadsheets etc …..

That said, with both eyes, I pass all eyesight tests, with my left eye, I can read the charts (during the day, and not early morning) all ok. so, what is the solution. Originally, I just thought I would return to wearing specs, not a problem now to be honest, I could cope with that, however, here comes the kicker …. they cannot prescribe me specs …. What ?

The reason behind this, because my corneas have 8 scars in each one, and the shape of them has be altered, the reading they get for a prescription contradict themselves, I am both + and – in the same eye …, they only choice here is to transplant some dead fella’s corneas into my eyes.

It really isn’t as drastic as it sounds, and I believe they can do under a local, but, I am not sure I want that, I think I would prefer to be out of it completely, we will see. I am going to Bratislava on Friday to see a specialist for the next course of action and when it can be done.

I have two choices really, leave things alone, I can see of, and it could be alot worse, or to resolve this. The main reason I think I want to resolve this is because I am feeling SO tired all the time. For a while, we thought I was ill, a year ago, I went through extensive tests for different things, coming out clear in all, and it was only this week it dawned on me, I bet it is the constant concentration of trying to focus my eys, it just makes them so tired, and the urge to simply close them is with me all the time ….

So, to end this all, I think that the only course of action is to get some new one put in, so, if you know of anyone who has a couple of spare Corneas, let me know.


  1. as a nurse i am aware of this procedure but not actaully familiar with it (as i work with brains not eyes).
    i know of nobody who has had it so i cant offer any stories good or bad.
    so i’l simply wish you luck and good health.

    • Thank you, people say it is a very simple op, its just, well, you know, the eyes …

  2. I am surprised you did not use this to explain your rather pathetic performance on the links! Seriously though, I hope it all works out for you, and that the operation (if that is what you decide to do) is painless and successful. I will keep my fingers crossed!

    • I am not one for excuses Cortes, however, you laughing in my backswing as I attemp a 250 yrd carry over water might be seen as excuse worthy ?

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