Posted by: Moon | July 16, 2012

A perfect day on our Hols

You get good days, bad days, indifferent days and so so days, and then, well, you get the perfect day that you know you will never forget and talk about for a long long time.

What happened, well, nothing major, it was more of an enlightening day into my son becoming a boy, and also when your family unit works… brilliantly …

So, we went away to the Slovak Mountains for 4 days, and as the sun was shining, we took the decision to go for a hike for a couple of hours. This is not such an easy thing to do with a 23 month old, as he walks rather slow, and in interested in every single thing…. but, we have a backpack, loaded him in, and off we went. Turns out he is a heavy little bugger, and his idea of fun is to pull my ears to make me go a little faster, whilst yelling into them !. We had not really used the backpack that much, so we were not really sure how long he would happily sit there, turns out, as long as you wanted him to !


The trail followed the river upwards, until, about an hr and half later, we reached the waterfall (no sodding water at this time of year though !), and we all relaxed, sat and ate, and watch Matej trying to help his Grandma find a walking stick for the trek back home. It was so satisfying to see him out into the country, in the woods, walking, talking, and spending time with us and his Grandma. He was a diamond, and so much fun to have with us. We then packed up, headed back to the pension, in a gentle, downhill walk, with more singing, laughing, yelling and fun. I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to see my family all enjoying nature as you should… perfect !

Sometimes, it all got a little too tiring !

After lunch, Matej and maybe me as well, had an afternoon snooze, and upon waking, he was treated to his first Storm, a huge mountain storm full of heavy rain, flashes of lightning, and claps of deep, rolling thunder. We leant out of the window, then onto the balcony, where I swear he jumped 2 feet as the loudest clap of thunder boomed right above us. Was he scared ? no chance, he loved every second, each Thunder Clap greeted with shrieks and huge “Woooow’s”…..

So, now what to do with a small boy when the rain has stopped and the grass is wet ? We, we decided to find a pub ! seemed sensible to me !…. and luckily, just about a mile away, there was a nice pub that had a huge field for the kids. There were Donkeys, pigs, goats to play with, swings, tents, race cars and most importantly of all, a massive Jungle Gym for him. This is where I watched my baby boy, become a small boy. He is fearless (my Mum says I was the same) and ladder, swing, slide, he will climb up on his own, and tumble down without any help. He yells from the top, and shrieks as he hits the bottom. We sat, let him be, and watched him play and mix with the other children. My heart swelled at the pride of my little boy. The only time he returned to us was for a drink, normally my beer or Grandma’s wine ! I loved every second of it. For the first time, he had his own meal. Not just bits from our, but his own soup, and the chicken. He eats well, plays well, and because of this, sleeps like a dream.

Another thing I am pleased with, he leaves these places with no screams or tears. He waves things goodbye, sends the waitress a kiss, and trundles to the car. Makes life so much easier.

After bath time, milk, another round of kisses, he goes down to sleep, and leave me, Miska and my mum to sit on the balcony, glass of wine, good books and discussions on not for little boys ears. I love this time, tired but happy, Matej asleep, leaving us adult time to just relax. Not to be chasing after him, watching him, but time for us. Time for us to just talk with each other with no distraction, 8pm onwards is our time. No change from his routine, 8pm he is asleep and in dreamland and we love having our time.

It was the perfect day for me, to see my wife happy, to see my Mum with her Grandson, and for me to watch my baby son, becoming a boy… a very special, cheeky, comedian of a boy, now with hugs, kisses, smiles, words and new dreams of this beautiful country life we have.



  1. Just wonderful holiday.. can we go back ??

    • We are still packed right ?

  2. Lovely Moon, looking forward to seeing you come September.
    Love to you and yours

    • Thanks Brits… not that long I will be kicking your arse all over the course…. or maybe just looking for my lost balls ?

  3. Lovely post Moon and great pics too! x

    • Thank you, I think he and Miska make the pics look good ! Maybe I should edit the ugly one out ?

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