Posted by: Moon | July 4, 2012

Going on our Holipops !

Today is the last day in the office for me until the end of July .. well, not quite true, I do pop in for one day between my Holiday and my next trip away.

So, what’s the plan Stan ?…

Ma has flown over from a wet and cold England, and she is not convinced that the 38 Deg C weather we have been having will be warm enough for her ! but, I am hoping she can relax, have the occasional glass of wine, and spend time with no pressure to anything !…. and of course, for her to spend two weeks with her Grandson. The one thing that does hurt me about living here is being away from my family, and taking Ma’s Grandson here, but that’s life, and that’s something I have to live with. I hope that she can have fun, laughing, teaching some English and getting to know him.

We will spend the first few days just at home, all of us spending time with Matej, and just relaxing and enjoying catching up, the farm, swimming and the occaisional glass of wine …

On Monday we pack everything up and head to the stunning Slovak Mountains, The Tatras Mountains. It is a beautiful part of the country, very old fashioned, and we will find some old villages and what I think is the ‘real’ Slovakia. Ma has never been, so we are looking forward to some walks, again relaxation, some water fun at the local pool, and.. well… you know… the occasional glass of wine.

We have a backpack to carry the boy, but we are not too sure how far we will be able to go with him, and, like most 2 yr olds, he will want to walk, and that can be oainfully slow ! Also, as I said, this is the mountains, so I know parts of the walks we will go on, might not be too safe for a small boy.

We stay in a friends place in a small village, easy, relaxed, the sun should shine, and, if we get a moment, we will sit, read, talk, and…… The occasional glass of wine ..

Well, you have to !



  1. Enjoy you well earned break Moon x

  2. Your*

  3. I wish you nothing but joy.

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