Posted by: Moon | July 3, 2012

Travelling made a little easier ….

As I said in my blog a few days back, I have been travelling a fair amount for work recently. Those who have been reading my blog from the early days know that travel is a passion of mine, and I love to get on planes and head to new places. I love airports. They are normally very happy places, with family and friends heading off to new exciting places. I will often sit in a departure lounge and look at all the outgoing flights, and wishing I could choose just one of them.

When my work asked me to basically act as a courier with some parts for my Customer in Illinois, I eagerly accepted. It was to be my first trip back to USA soil since my rapid, and unplanned departure a few years before. Chance for me to see a new city, Chicago, and time to have some refreshed memories of a country I really enjoyed living in. After my return home, I assumed that would be all of my travels, but as our business with CAT and my role grew and developed, I am now about to plan my 7th trip out to the USA in about 8 months.

The trip from here is a long one, I have a 2.5 hr drive to Vienna, then 2 hrs in the airport. 2.5 hrs flying into Heathrow, Term 3, transfer to Term 5, 2 hrs in Term 5, then the long flight, 8.5 hrs to Chicago, and then often a 3rd flight to either Detroit, St Louis or Kansas, meaning a travel time, door to hotel, of around 23 hrs …… not much fun.

But…. Something happened on my last trip that has made life a little easier … I have accumulated enough flights with BA to become a Silver Executive Member…. Now I get a few perks that most people probably think “What a tosser” as I walk past ….

Btw …. this is NOT a sponsored post in any form !

With my Silver Card I get to use the Exec Lounges at Vienna, Heathrow and O’Hare. This means free internet at every airport (Heathrow and O’Hare charge), I get quiet surroundings, peace and quiet from the masses, free food and any alcohol, coffee I want. Newspapers, waitress service, showers, private bathrooms ….. bloody lovely. This can also add up to some savings. Airports are not cheap places to eat or drink. On one recent trip via JFK, I paid over $10 for a beer ! Fuck that ! O’Hare is also a shocking airport, the Int Terminal has nothing to do, one small, expensive bar, (Where I happened to meet a Slovak working behind the bar!) and one shop, both BEFORE you clear security. At least now I can get through early, and still have a beer, tweet and FB rubbish …..

Another bonus for me is not having to queue when I transfer through Term 3 to Term 5 in London. I get to bypass the queues and go through the fast track immigration. I also get to board the plane first, meaning I have those few minutes to find space for my bag, unpack and get settled and have a beer before the herds of clients are pushed onto the plane…. Just the small things make flying easier.

So, do I love this travel. Honestly no. I miss time away from Miska and my boy. The place I travel to I know too well now, there is no thrill of landing in that new place to see new things. It’s business, longs drives, meetings, entertaining in the evening, and of course Jet Lag…. Which I suffer from terribly going out to the USA, never on my return, but always going out. There are long days, early start to work with the company back here, then long days making the most of my time there, then often solitary night in a bar, or entertaining people you really would want to spend your free time with, but you have to… because they are your clients…

The small bonus of the Exec Club def does help… and so it should after all the business BA have got from me over the last 8 months !


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