Posted by: Moon | June 28, 2012

when will he be talking … ?

Ok, first up, this is not a “My god I am so worried” blog, but more one of interest over my boy learning to talk.

He is now 22 months, and I think, although I have no idea, most little ones are jabbering away inanely by now ?…. My boy does not. He has limited vocabulary, and I can tell you his words here very quickly = Ma Ma, Da Da, Goooooal, Ta, Car… I think thats about it !

this is not surprising when you think of the people he is learning to talk from. His Nanny, Grandma and Granddad, family, neighbours etc .. all in Slovak, every day, then at night, weekends it me in English, with broken Slovak, and M in English, apart from when she either forgets, or is angry, then its back to Slovak.

With me travelling once a month as well, I am worried that he will be getting more Slovak than English, and I really want him to be learning both right away. My Slovak is not strong enough, and also, I want him to be able to talk and understand my Mum and his Aunties and Uncles. This is so important for me.

I know he will, I am not worried by this, well, maybe a little about his lack of exposure to English, and it does hurt when people talk to him in Slovak, and I am not 100% sure in what they are saying…. but that’s down to me to improve my Slovak.

So, does anyone have experience of a dual speaking family and small child ? I have been told that they just naturally speak both, swapping from one language to the other without hesitation and with any problems. I guess his brain does not resist this, unlike mine when trying to learn Slovak, my brain comes up with its own logic, rules and sometimes pig headedness that English is the only way !

He understands both easily, If I tell him something in English, he gets it, in Slovak too. He understand, and ignores both ! I know I want him to talk, helping him, encouraging him, before long I will just be wishing he would shut up for two mins !!!

So, who knows when he will be jabbering on, with more Rabbit than Tescos, I fear it wont be that long, it just amazes me how he will do it, without even thinking, he will be fluent in two languages before he even starts school …… just wish I was the same … *sigh



  1. My cousin lives in Tenerife and although her son speaks mostly English, he has just started at a Spanish school. As they live up in the mountains my cousin expects him to speak Spanish to the locals which he does, my cousin also speaks to him in Spanish and english. At three he is still learning but coping very well. It will come in time Moon, be patient!

  2. If you always speak English to your son, he will learn it, don\’t worry. And in his situation, you are the only person who can give him English language skills, so don\’t you be speaking to him in Slovakian (not that I have anything against it, it\’s just that he\’s already immersed in that language right now, and you\’re the only one who can communicate with him on a daily basis in English.)

    I live in an English community, my husband is English-speaking, and my first language is French. Even though everyone around us speaks English, I try to always speak French to my son (who, by the way, is only three weeks old now). It\’s a habit I\’m trying to adopt so that it becomes second nature for me to always speak to him in French.

    Research shows that if the minority-language parent speaks the minority language at all times to their child, he/she will acquire it. So don\’t despair.

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