Posted by: Moon | June 19, 2012

Bye Bilbo….


Fucking animals …… as another big tear plops onto the keyboard …..

So, I guess via other outlets I have, you might of heard that my little Beagle, Bilbo has passed away. So so sad in the Moon household.

What makes this even harder for me what that I was away on one of my USA trips. He has been very ill because of a near fatal dog attack he had about 6 weeks ago. He went through a 3 hr operation, 40 stitches and was in a very bad way. With lots of tlc, rest he was finally though all this, the wound had healed well, and he was allowed back to play with Meg, and carry on with his adventurous little life, including escaping still !

Sadly, it was the escaping that finally laid him to rest. As a small dog, he runs through the grass, not over it, out here in Slovakia, we have lots of Tics, nasty little things, and I am regularly pulling them off him, some from Meg and even the cat. We had the most expensive collars for them both, but, there was nothing could be done for the amount he was getting. The Tics are nasty fuckers, carrying viruses, and this is what he caught.

With him being very tired from the operation before, he just did not have the strength to fight this. Just before I went away, I thought he was a little quiet, but eating well, and the weather was hot, so I thought nothing of it, then, Tuesday morning, M called me in the USA, saying Bilbo wasn’t well, not eating, and she had called Domi our Vet. It was all too late, he had lots of blood in the urine, and his kidneys had failed, even as Domi put him on a drip, to see him through the night he peacefully slipped away to the doggie kennel in the sky.

M called me again in the US, I was driving at the time, I pulled over, hung up, and just sobbed, my poor little Bilbo, only 3 yrs old, had 3 major ops, and still couldn’t pull though.

We found him on the street, he was starving, and unwanted, so I hope we at least gave him some time of security, love, hugs, ear ruffles, playtime and food, with a decent bed to sleep every night, and a loyal friend in Meg. Talking of Meg, she is very low, just wants to be around, she has become very loving and soft, but you can tell she is missing her friend

I came home on Saturday, our kind builder had helped bury him, but for me, it was still a shock. I left him one day he was ok, came home later, and he is just gone, no more. I didn’t even get time to think he might be ill, he just might not make it. Just am empty bowl to store away, and empty bed to put in the garage, and only one dog to feed at night.

But, thats what you get with loving pets, we have all been there, all lost them, and we carry on. Yes, only a dog I know, but, my dog, and I think all my readers know how much love, time and effort I put into my dogs, making sure they are happy, contented souls.

We want another one, but we will wait for some poor soul to find us, a stray, a puppy we find by the road, and unwanted dog from somewhere else….. but, right now, these tears are for Bilbo, Rest in Peace my little friend



  1. Oh, how very sad. 😦 I had read on FB that he had gone, but not how he had gone. Poor little Bilbo, and poor you. xx

    You gave him a wonderful life in the short time you had him. And remember that dogs live in the moment and they’re very philosophical, so he’d have enjoyed every single ‘up’ moment, and just accepted the ‘down’ as the way things are. Doesn’t mean he liked the ‘down’ but they’re much better at acceptance than we are.

    I know how you feel though, having lost four beloved dogs of my own. Some traumatically, some more peacefully, but it still hurts.

    RIP little Bilbo.

  2. well at least the good thing is that for the time that he had with you guy he was well loved. He could have ended his life with none of that. Still suck though 😦

  3. RIP little Bilbo, Im so sorry for your loss. He looked v v happy in all the pics you’ve posted of him and was obviously very well loved. Hope he is now having fun running around up there x

  4. Oh I’m so sorry, that’s terrible news 😦

  5. RIP Bilbo. So sorry for your loss Moon. You gave Bilbo a taste of the good life so much better than he could have had. Run free at the rainbow bridge little Bilbo. xx

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