Posted by: Moon | June 18, 2012

Father’s day

So, I arrived back from ‘Merica on Saturday afternoon, managed to get home before the little fella woke from his afternoon sleep, and waited for him to wake….. Perfect.

Sunday was a surprising day, in Slovakia, Father’s Day really is not celebrated, and last year, it pretty much went past with nothing doing. About a month ago, I mentioned to M that I wanted to have a Father’s Day, as I have always dreamt about having a day for me that we always recoginised and celebrated for my Dad. I honestly thought she would forget…. but ….

We had a perfect day, and Matej was the perfect little boy. I was woken as always at 6 am with cries of “Ma Ma” … “Da Da” and Monkey woke and wanted to get up…. after his feed, he wandered off, and took “Ma Ma” with him, leaving me to snooze. This did not last long as I was roused from my slumber with a Red, Double Decker bus on the nose…. as you do…. We spent the morning pottering about, kicking the ball around, breakfast etc before heading off swimming. Summer is here for us, touched 33 Deg C yesterday, and the local pool has a retractable roof, and is perfect for Matej. He loves the water, and now is an age where he is more independent, and more and more fun. He spent time hanging onto the edge, and watched all the girls walking by (thats my boy!). After an hr, time to head out, and he is always good at leaving, no tantrums or tears, just a wave goodbye to the pool and into the showers.

With that we headed to the shops for Miska to buy some clothes, and Matej running and giggling, me chasing after him ! Then to Tesco, and then the drive home. This is the tough part, because we really did not want him to fall asleep in the car. We like him to be in his bed for his 2 hr, afternoon snooze. He was a very tired little boy, but with window opening, tractor spotting, and finally hanging out of the sun roof, we made it home for his pm sleep.

It was now very hot outside, and when he woke, all he wanted to do was play football !, I lasted for a while, but conceded to the heat, and took him back into the cool of the house. Finally, to venture back out as M cooked. So, what do do with him now.. easy….

He helped me cut the grass !

On these days I miss my Dad, he died of cancer when I was 19. I was very lucky, in my eyes, I had the perfect Dad, he worked hard Mon-Fri, but weekends he always spent with us, swimming, in the garden, up to Northchurch Common, taking us places, I always remember him being around. working hard in the garden, bad DIY… never off to the pub, but around as a family. I want to do the same, to finally have a Father’s Day for me.. well, it felt like a very special, Proud day !


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