Posted by: Moon | June 8, 2012

So why so busy …..?

Well, apart from all the home stuff that goes on, work has turned from a job, to a career.

I am rather proud of this to be honest, I very rarely sit back and think I have achieved anything, but I think I have here. If you remember, or even care, I got this job here out of the blue. I was all ready to be a house husband, with M going back to work full time. While she was on Maternity leave, the CEO of the company called me and asked to talk to me.

I asked M “why” ?

“fuck knows” she replied !

So, I came into to see them, and luckily I had a suit. clean shirt on (you only ever get 1 chance to make a first impression) and they asked me to start immediately. The company was in a lot of trouble, we had taken over one of our competitors, and quickly realised we were in a real mess, and basically, they needed semi-intelligent people to help handle angry customers, organise parts through production, and ultimately deliver the parts on time. Over the 1st 4 months, I got to grips with this relatively fast, and time here began to drag, and I found myself have far too much time free, which leaves me very bored. I approached people and asked for more work, but nothing really came up. The chance came along that they needed someone to help organise part delivery to our biggest customer, Caterpillar, in the USA … I can do that I thought …

So, we had a meeting in Austria, and instead of just asking to organise the logistics, I took the plunge. I simply said :

“Give me the whole project to run?”

reply was “what ? you are asking for more work ?”

So there you go, I now run, organise, manage the whole of the project, delivery and customer expectation for our biggest customer. My people skills are my thing, that’s what I am good at, and I think people have been impressed with my ability to take on and ask for work. We have had a lot of issues in the USA, so I have always said I would go, once within 12 hrs notice, and face the music. I am not too sure many wives would get this, but with M working here as well, she understands the importance of these visits. I am due back to the USA again in 10 days time. The client loves the fact I am prepared to these things, and not hide away from problems. I like the challenge

Our parts are now being fitted to this Monster :

We both have huge workloads and responsibility, this week alone, M has to go for 2 days to Austria, this means I have to be away from here at 4pm for Matej. We bth try to make sure the other gets decent work times, and as she is senior management, I sacrifice certain things at work so she can attend. We both cannot attend meetings that run into the evening.

CAT is a very difficult business to work with, they have their rules, and because of their size and arrogance, they will not change. I am flying back out there on Sunday morning for a 6 day trip, seeing the different facilities, making sure they are happy with our quick response over quality issues, and discussing new projects.

The balance works, I am very pleased how this has gone from a surprise job in a industry I knew nothing about, to a proper career that I really enjoy. How I went from Credit Insurance to Off Highway Automotive parts is a mystery, but you roll with the punches and give things 110%, you just never know where you might end up…. Vienna Airport it seems….

Life is funny sometimes !



  1. Very glad your back,you were missed, have a good trip.

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