Posted by: Moon | June 5, 2012

The 7 O’Clock News ..

Part of our routine with the Little Terrorist is after bath time, half his milk, it is time for him to sit quietly on the sofa between “Mama” and “Daaaa” while I try to understand the news, and M swears at the gov’t taking all our money …

What strikes me here are two things, the Newsreaders (female) are dressed as though they are about to walk over to Channel 9 (yes…’that’ channel), and how little, serious, bad news there is on Slovak TV. This is a good thing.

Daily I read the news from the BBC website, mainly the sport, but also the headlines. I confess I have no real desire to hear about the US Presidential race, or the collapse of the Euro, but, I do try to read most of it. Last week, I found 2-3 stories I really wish I had not come across

Drugged, naked man eats face off another homeless man, growls at police before they shoot him
Over 100 people massacred in Syria
The Euro about to collapse
11 killed in Mexican drug rehabilitation centre

The list goes on and on .. Not really what you would call ‘Happy’ news ……

Then I watch the news headlines in Slovakia

Burglar breaks into old people house
Car crash
Road subsidence
Sign post for Castle knocked over
Bear spotted in bins

You kinda see my point here …. Now, I haven’t got my rose tinted specs on here. There are nasty crimes here, Aug 2010 a gunman killed 6 in Bratislava, the mafia still has a hold of people and money here… but, in general, the news lead story will be of a nasty car crash. Very sad for those involved, but… not the horrific news I see in other parts of the world.

I live in a very small country village, the kids play on the road, call in on neighbours houses, cars and houses tend to be unlocked (unless you are Miska’s Father, who seems to be convinced we live in Compton).

We have drugs, alcohol, violence, but, not in the extremes that other places have.

I like this .



  1. How lovely. I was lucky enough to grow up in a similar situation; allowed to go knocking on people’s doors asking for pocket money jobs, wandering alone all over the village and beyond, playing in the street etc. My own kids were brought up with a few restrictions, but not too much, and I think they’re better for it.

    One side-effect of over-protecting your kids as children and teenagers is that they can easily grow up thinking the world owes them a living, and expecting their paths to be smoothed by others all the way. We have lost a great deal, when our children lose their right to freedom.

  2. I couldn’t agree more regarding the stories that make up our evening news. Killings, war, starvation, religious intolerance leading to horrific crimes, and all manner of nasty things happening on a local level. Watching the news is the only time that I actually look forward to the commercials!

  3. I quit reading the newspaper here years ago – except for the comics in the back, I read those before I go to work every morning. Oh I also read the ads for the grocery store and cut coupons – for what – I don’t know because by the time I go to use them they have expired. But = that’s about it for me. I do love to watch Thai news though – except for the rioting part – the only words I understand are khah or khrap, so I really like that. I can perfectly understand why someone would like to live in the hills and never see another news clip again.

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