Posted by: Moon | May 31, 2012

How often can I say “No Thanks” ?

Here is a typical exchange of words with me and my Slovak Family….

I popped across the village to borrow some dishwasher tablets, we had run out, and needed to wash things urgently (1st World Problem I know), Miska’s Aunt happily offers to lend us some.

All this in my best Slovak btw

Auntie : “How many do you want?”
Me : “Two is great, thank you”
She hands me 6 …
Me “No Thanks, 2 is great, I will buy some tomorrow”
Auntie “Take them”
Me “No Thanks, I don’t need them, thank you”

Auntie *looks rejected “ok then…. Do you want some cake? Grandma made them”
Me *Rubs tummy “No Thanks, I am full, I just ate dinner”
Auntie *Looks sadder “but Grandma made them, they are not sweet”
Me *tummy is still full “Thank you, but no thanks, I am not hungry
Auntie “ok …..”

Yell from the end of her garden where my Mother-in-law is picking Cherries

MIL “Ahoj Simon, Do you want some Cherries?”
Me : “No Thanks, Matej is about to go to sleep, I want to say goodnight”
Auntie “Come and pick some Cherries, they are lovely”
Me “I know, I love them, but I am not hungry, and Matej is about to go to sleep:
MIL “You don’t like the Cherries ?” *looks like I have just shot her dog…
Me “Yes, I love them, but Matej is about to go sleep”
Auntie “You don’t like my Cherries, come and pick some” *looks like I have murdered her children
Me Thanks, but I have to go, I want to say goodnight to Matej”
MIL “You don’t like the cherries?” *looks at me like I am Adolf Hitler
Me “Yes, I love them, but I am not hungry, and Matej is about to go to sleep”
Auntie “But, come and have some cherries, they are very nice” (I fucking know)
Me “I know Aunty, but I am not hungry”
MIL “You are looking thin, why don’t you have some Cherries?”

Me “Bye”

I love these people, and they are the kindest in the world, they just cannot understand that I don’t want to Mr Creosote !



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