Posted by: Moon | May 29, 2012

He is 21 Months old, and a dream to me.

As I re-kindle my love affair with blogging, to me, there is one natural place to start, with my little boy

Please remember, I have no comparison to make to other children, so I have no idea if he is tall, short, well behaved, a fucking nightmare, difficult, easy …. no clue… but , to me anyway, he seems a dream little boy.

Where to start, well, most of the time, he has that beautiful, cheeky smile, and a giggle that makes you want to roll on the floor and laugh with him. He has his moments, what 21 month old doesn’t !, but, it seems to pass within a few seconds. Normally because he looks up, and sees that me and Miska have just walked away from him……

He never ever just walks anywhere… why is he always in such a rush ! he has a few scars now, a couple of trips to A&E for stitches.

He eats pretty well, rejects chocolate for Olives, eats cherries off the trees, and does love a drop of his father’s beer !

We are still in a strict routine with him, and it works. He naps for his 2 hrs in the afternoon, and after bath time, he dresses, feeds, and then to sleep, regular as clock work, from 7.30pm, to 6am every single night. He loves his bath time, seems to enjoy washing Dad’s tattoo (no, it won’t come off Son), pulling his willy, weeing in the bath, flooding the floor, and giggling throughout. He is not too keen on the hair drier, but, without fail, he runs to get Dad his towel !

He is struggling to talk. I think this is because of the dual language. He understands both, but, to actually get him talking I think will take a little longer, currently is Da, Muma and Goooaaaallllllll !!! He yells alot !, but is quite a gentle child.

All you other parents will all sigh, and say “I know…” but he is clever little sod. Always findings things to stand on to climb up to something he wants, it’s always dangerous when it goes quiet ! He loves the dogs, but we keep him away from Bilbo, but Meg is his soul mate, the play and play, she is so gentle with him as he tugs her ears, and tries to throw her ball. Always wary, never on their own, but it is great to watch.

He is obsessed with tractors, having two farms in the village I am not surprised. They often give him a quick drive, or he is yelling, making tractor noises. He loves the pigs, goats and cows on his Aunties farm, and will “Mooooo” with the best of them !

Last night we had a small storm hit us, we opened the window, and as Father / Son, we watched the rain fall, with shrieks of delights as the cat ran past, the Swifts swooped in and out of the rain, and the puddles formed. We had a night on our own as Miska was away in town, and we loved it, football, TV, dinner and general daftness….

So, as you would expect, he is my life, adorable, amazing, frustrating and a wonder. I look at him and just cannot believe how this little soul is part of my life, 99% of the time for better. An incredible feeling, a love I can never explain, a tiredness that only parents know about, and a proudness for watching my Son !



  1. Every parent can totally relate to what you are writing. As the mother of four boys, look out world! They are so full of life and wonder. To see things through their eyes and be able to share it with them is such a blessing.

    • I have never been close to children, let alone my own, just amazes me the things he picks up on, gets obsessed by, how he does things …. like every parent,

  2. You have crafted a nice little window into your world Simon. Good to know little Wheels likes his beer and his football! Thanks for the peek.

    • Like Father like Son ..

  3. You big softie x

    • I think you have known me longer than most on this planet…

  4. He is gorgeous, such a proper little boy now. I love the exploration that goes on in their everyday life, learning new things we take for granted. Bet youj can’t remember what life was like without him, apart from… empty? Ours was.

    • Boring I would suggest ?

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