Posted by: Moon | May 28, 2012

Been too long …

Really am not sure why, but I think I will start to blog again. To be fair, I am not too sure why I stopped. I think with all the blogging about the house, and the arrival of Matej, things seem to get very dull, and then just naturally seemed to come to a close.

Life is very VERY busy for us both at the moment, but full of things I feel I want to share, so I thought I should maybe see if anyone out there still has an interested in a lifestyle that includes Slovak life, house building, 21 month old Son, beautiful Slovak wife, working in a Slovak Steel company, frequent travels to the USA, dogs, cats, village life and an Englishman living away from home, and terrible grammar and spelling mistakes

So, where to start from my last blog, so much has happened, so little time.

M is now 21 months, adorable, pushing his luck, but essentially a wonderful, funny little boy
The two dogs are growing, Bilbo has undergone a 2nd lifesaving operation after he returned from a wandering with a 3 inch hole in his chest, we think from a dog mauling, he was very lucky to survive a 2 hr operation to piece him back together

The cat, Stella is pregnant

Mrs M and myself are busy, busy and busier at our work

I have been sent to the USA 4 times already, and about to head back there in 2 weeks time

The house is still not finished, and we are already thinking about extending again next year

We have a summer holiday planned with Ma to the Slovak Mountains

Now I read all that, it sounds busy but really dull, ah well, maybe I just need to get back in touch with friends that used to read and comment, we’ll see….. I will start again, and see if you read or not, maybe I just need an outlet for my ramblings ????



  1. Glad to see you back, little M isn’t so little anymore!

    • No he is not, growing fast in stature and in attitude !

  2. yay -the blogs are back – I for one have missed these!
    One gorgeous little man you have there…

    • Wow, someone missed me ! and thank you, he is to us, pushes his luck, but gorgeous to us !

  3. Glad to see you’ve returned to your blogging Moon. You provide me much voyeuristic enjoyment with your stories and somewhat unique and enviable lifestyle. Your blogs are a welcome change to my usual cricket/politics/comedy reading. Keep up the good work mate!

    • You are more tha n welcome, esp as the voyeuristic view does not involve building the bloody place !

  4. Nice to have you back! I love Matej’s wheelbarrow!

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