Posted by: Moon | November 22, 2011

Slovakia – Have you ever been ?

I was wondering how many of my Twitter/facebook/friends have ever been to Slovakia ?

what do you know about Slovakia ?

I guess some of you may have visited Bratislava, but, that’s a city, not representative of the country, and in my opinion, apart from the old city center, not a very nice city at all ..

So tell me people, what do you know / think of this central European place ?



  1. Don’t know anything therefore don’t think anything 🙂

    • I dont think many people have been here, but I did wonder if anyone had pre-conceived ideas about Slovakia

  2. You prompted me to learn more so i went to Wikipedia.

  3. Nope, never have visited Slovakia. I’ve heard from some Italian friends that it’s very beautiful, though!

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