Posted by: Moon | November 7, 2011

Welcome to Medvecké

YAY !!!… Finally, just under 1 year of removing the first brick from the wall in the attic, we have moved to our new home. It is all a bit of a mess, but it is OUR mess. As anyone who has moved will know, it takes time to unpack, then re-organise and then re-organise again, but we just don’t care. we are in our home. Our first home to own as a couple, and of course, our first home with Matej. People that have followed this story know the sweat and tears we have put into this project, and the exhaustion felt, esp over the final month of finishing things to a standard that we could move in.

Unpacking was a lot of fun. You have to remember, we packed to go to the USA after only 6 months together, I packed things away that Mrs M had never seen, so to finally unpack and have things about after 4 years was great, so really nice surprises. Then, for us to unpack things we shipped back from the USA was also good fun, Matej obviously helping !

So…. before I show you around, just take a look at this …. this is where we started. I do not have video of the very start, but this is from I think, Feb this year.

And here we are now…. have a look and see what you think ….

So, I will start at the back of the house, which are the two bedrooms… Matej’s and ours…

From here we will go into the bathroom. Not finished just yet, need some doors fitting to the cupboard, but otherwise all very nice, and the little fella loves his bathtimes ! and … this is where the underfloor heating is sooooo good

This is the view from my bedroom door, right down to the entrance. On the left are the doors and windows leading outside to the patio, with the streaming sunshine lighting up the place, and then to the right is the house… the Living Room, Dining Room and the Kitchen… all open..We will have some comfy chairs here, so in the future we can enjoy a coffee looking out into our garden. For now, its a great runway for Matej.. !

Ok, here is the sitting room, complete with my fireplace. We have now got the grate and fire guard, and have had the fire alight for the last two evenings. Perfect end to the day ! It burns perfectly, and gives the whle room a wonderful Atmosphere. Just need a roasting pan for my chestnuts ! lots to be done here, but for now, it is what it is… my place to sit, put my feel up and have a little rest…

Into the kitchen and dining room areas… We still have some doors to be fitted in the kitchen, and at some point we will be having a range cooker installed, but for now we will cook on the old cooker. We have a dishwasher, old farm sink, waste disposal unit. We love the new wooden work tops, although I am little anal when it comes to people not using coasters !!!

This is where we will have our walnut table, once we finally get ourselves organised, move the fallen tree from the garden, and get the wood prepared, but, in time, we will have a lovely, family table..

This is the view in reverse running back down to the bedrooms, and a final look at the fireplace..

So, we are moved in, and now we will start to make it a home. I already feel relaxed here, even though the stress of trying to do all the jobs we have, get things into places we want them, having Matej quite poorly for a week… it is fun. Matej loves the space, the soft carpet, his room and the fact he can run the whole length of the house. The underfloor heating is really great, takes some time to get it right, either swealtering, or cold, but we are getting there.

The dogs are happy too, They are not so keen to escape anymore, and they will settle in the sun when they are not chasing each other round the garden. We still have so much to do, but…. we are here, in our home ….. Wonderful !



  1. WOW! Who’s a clever boy then! A fabulous home for you all! Now tell me it wasn’t worth the last year…

    • At times it def wasn’t… nearly broke us, but now, of course it was. Not sure I am the clever boy, I think my wife and the builder are the smart ones !

  2. What a beautiful beautiful home. An astounding achievement!

    • Thats a very nice thing to say. People thought we were crazy when we first said what we were going to do, but with a vision, and a very good builder, you can do whatever you want

  3. That’s brilliant – and you look so settled in already. So glad I have been here to watch it from the start

    • and to listen to me maon and gripe about life…… shameful really, esp when we got here in the end ! thank you, does settle mean messy ?

  4. Congratulations and well done – the place looks fantastic. I know exactly how stressful building your own home is! But it is so very worth it in the end.

    • It is…. and now we can enjoy the feeling, this is all our work, so we can enjoy every second, and start work on all the other jobs to do !

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I remember when you started and cannot believe the result. It is so spacious and love the colour choices and the furniture and and and…..LOVE it, well done to you all 🙂 @Kahanka

    • Thank you, you are always welcome for coffee. certainly not your typical Slovak home, but it is what we really wanted, space, light, but warm and cosy …..

  6. What an incredible house! I wish you all every happiness x

    • Thank you, took a very long time coming !

  7. Many congrats! Looks fabulous … love those long, wide corridors that run down the side of the house. You must be well chuffed!

    • Esp with the large doors and windows, floods the place with light… Very happy to finally have my home ! Thank you x

  8. Wow I can’t believe the difference in just a year!! It looks AMAzing! The kitchen is gorgeous, that long corridor with the light pouring in, the fireplace and the beams all so gorgeous. The beams really carry a lovely consistency through the house and pull it all together. Love the pictures.

    • yet again, someone being really kind, thank you. We are thinking of an island in the kitchen, but might regret losing so much space. We love the light from the windows, and the to snuggle in the cosy sitting room…. loving it

  9. Amazing, wonderful, well done !!! I especially love the kitchen and the overall feeling of space. Enjoy – you deserve it !

    • quite the opposite of a typical Slovak house, lots of small rooms and windows, we wanted space, although Mrs M is talking about having a island in the kitchen ..

  10. Hardly recognisable and ultimately cosy.. Just in time for winter. Simon, you’re going to regret those white couches. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Guess I’d better put your neck of the woods on my bucket list too.

    • You bloody well had better !.. The white couches are old, we bought them back from America, and they have changable covers, so maybe we will buy some darker ones at some point, I am dreading being the 1st person to spill anything on them, or the carpet !

  11. It looks wonderful – I’m so glad it has come together so well after all the hard work. I just need you to keep my spirits up through ours now 🙂

  12. Your house looks amazing…oh how I would love to have a wine cellar!

  13. You all did an amazing restoration job. The house is beautiful. We still hope we can get to Slovakia within the next year or two. Gene & I are so happy for the three of you.

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