Posted by: Moon | October 26, 2011

Really …. No way !!!

So, can you believe it, because I most certainly can’t. Today is the day that we move into our cottage in the sleepy village of Medvecké. Finally.

Those of you who have followed this story will know the journey we have had from 100 yr old, outdated, traditional Slovak cottage to the new home that is ours. I won’t lie, it has been very tough. We have been lucky with our builder who I cannot praise highly enough. You hear so many horror stories with builders, we have simply the best there is. We were lucky that we didn’t really uncover any major surprises along the way, but then again, we expected to knocked down, re-wire, re-plumb the whole place anyway, not too many surprises when you have plans to redevelop 90% of the place. That said, never ever think these thiongs are easy, they put huge strain and pressure on you and a relationship.. be warned

Pictures will follow once we get a little more sorted out, but we are so happy with the place. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I will not have to be sitting on a kitchen chair (my arse is sore from two years of that chair) to use the laptop. I can now go back to enjoying my Parents-in-laws company. Without their support, no way could this of happened so easily, and I am ashamed and angry at myself for not realising this more and thinking more before getting angry and frustrated with them. They are wonderful people, hearts as big as Slovakia, doing all they can just to help us. Sometimes they help too much, and lovely as they are, I do not want to live with them. As lovely as all my readers are, I do not want to live with you.

I think they understand this, however, it is quite common for children to continue living with parents as they gain their own family, just not for me. I am so looking forward to have my home, my domain, my castle !

The transformation of the old to new has been incredible. I watched an old video clip I took back in Feb, and just watched in amazement. I love the fact that when I now walk around the new place, I can still feel, smell, visualise the old walls, furniture, structure of the place. Even though we have redesigned the house, I hope we have kept its soul.

It has been wonderful to open boxes we packed from our time in the USA, even more, boxes I packed that my wife has never seen, and from her storage, old things she hasn’t seen for 8 years. We are stating our new life now. Matej loves, simply LOVES the new place. He runs on the carpets, makes snow angels when he can, and it is so much safer that the PIL house for him. We have wonderful under floor heating… so so good !….

So, now we can settle, take our time to fit into our home. Well, not too much time, my Brother and his wife arrive tomorrow for a weekend !!! still, it will be wonderful to share some time with them, and invite, and all others into our home… but, just give it a week before you come over please !

******** UPDATE ********



  1. I can’t wait to see photos! I remember looking at early pictures and thinking ‘hmmm’ but you’ve worked so hard on it.

    Well done, and enjoy!

    • We must have been crazy, but with a vision, hard work and a decent builder.. we got there !

  2. It seems to have happened so quickly. What an exciting day

    • Quickly for you maybe !.. however, we have worked so hard in the last 6 weeks, workmen everywhere to meet this deadline, so the finish has ruched upon us. Took lots of organising, hassling and favours from the trade men, but.. we did it..

  3. YAY! So pleased for you – bring on the photos 🙂

    • It has been a tough time as you know, I will take some photos after Tim’s visit, and a video too ! YAY indeed !

  4. Congratulations … so happy for you x

    • I’ll celebrate tomorrow, if i do indeed wake up there xx thank you

  5. Happy House warming! Can’t wait to see the pix

    • Nxt week, once we have tidied up a little, I will do a before and after blog x

  6. Good luck and every happiness in your new home. Love to you all xxx

    • Thanks Aunty, hope you will come and visit us one day ?

  7. Congratulations!! Hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be. 🙂

    • I hope so too, i hope it is not an anti climax at all, but so far, just awesome !

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