Posted by: Moon | October 24, 2011

I thought he was going to die ..

What a nightmare turn of events of Thursday night for poor Bilbo…

After the tough time he had of damaging his shoulder, limping about and biting me in pain, he took a nasty turn for the worst on Thursday. He was also a very lucky lad. Sometimes things just happen for a reason, good or bad, and this time it happened to occur for the good !

I had Meg on her chain, and I whistled for Bilbo to return so I could lock him up for the night in his new kennel. He slowly, decides to limp over, and with me in a huge rush, as always, I lost patience with him, so I walk over to scope him up, and give him a helping hand to his kennel. As I go to pick him up, I feel his stomach, like a football !.. I mean, hard, swollen and big ! Well, big for the little fella anyway. I had noticed earlier, about 30mins before, he had eaten really well, that’s always a good sign after an illness or accident. I decided that his had a tummy full of food, so I chained him, and walked to the car.

As I walked, I had a nagging feeling. I know dogs, I have had many of them over the years, and I just knew something was not quite right. Luckily for me, my cousin over here is a young Vet, about to qualify, so I thought I should call her. I described what had happened and she said, very quickly, “get him over to me now, that is not right”. So, I took Matej home to Grandma, loaded the limping, sad looking Bilbo into the car, and headed over to her place. After a quick examination, in the road, in the pissing rain, she quickly decided that Bilbo had to go to surgery immediately So, she dashed him off the her surgery, leaving me to just sit a wait.

I had a call about 8pm, he was in a tough situation. They could not get him to vomit up enough of the food to release the swollen tummy, so they had to operate. I gave my permission, and just waited… nervously…

I got the call later on to say that the operation was a success. They removed nearly 2kg of food from his stomach, and he should recover just fine. I was so relieved, and yes, I cried again.. (yes a big girl, but he is my dog, my ickle Bilbo)….

The issue was the fact he had eaten so much dried food, then drank a lot of water, and his system couldn’t digest it all, and the added water caused the food to swell. Interesting, this has never been an issue before, and isn’t with Meg at all. But, lesson learnt, soak the food properly first, and use less of it, to mix with wet food as well. He has not got a place inside as he recovers, needs further injections (which he does not like) and he will be ready, in a week, to join his beloved Meg. Meg, incidentally is a sad hound to, every time I let her off her leads, she simply rushes to Bilbo’s kennel, only to find it empty.

Bilbo is a lucky boy. Lucky I went to lift him up, Lucky I decided something wasn’t right, Lucky I have a wonderful cousin who reacted immediately. If we had not of taken the action we did, She said he certainly would have died in the night. Thankfully, he is a sad, but getting better little dog !


  1. Interesting. And very lucky.

    I know this is a bit gross but my mum was saying recently that she was shocked when Ellie barfed up her dinner (she’d eaten something scuzzy while walking) at quite how much of it there was. I don’t think we realise quite how much that dried food expands! Hoping for a swift recovery.

    • and how much it sweels after drinking, strange he has been fine before…. Well, hopefully that is the end of his dramas for now… I was so happy he made it !

  2. So glad he’s ok 🙂

    • I little worse for wear right now, but he will now be able to recover, and rejoin his girlfriend Meg x

  3. Awww you were v lucky, so glad he is on the mend now!

    • With some time and care, he will be back soon enough x thank you

  4. A lot of people don’t recognise bloat, so you were lucky there, and so was Bilbo. A lot of people don’t even know it can happen in dogs, and if it weren’t for the fact that I have greyhounds, I might not, either.

    Bloat can be an issue for and deep chested breed, and for others too, under certain circumstances. I’ve heard of terriers and small mixed breeds getting it after wolfing down things like bread dough, which has the same effect as a ton of dry food + water – it swells in the stomach making it difficult to pass along.

    Glad Bilbo is OK!

    • I do now !, I just sensed it was serious … so, small feeds, wet food, and some love, and he be bouncing around again soon.

  5. Glad he is ok. A similar thing happened to friends Labrador but she got into her own food bin and decided to have a feast!

  6. Oh no! Poor little lad; he’s been through the wars recently!

  7. God the things we do. Lily’s recovering from a $3000 cruciate knee replacement and once ended up on a drip with Pancreatitis after people at a 21st here fed her too much chicken skin. Ugh. But what do you do? Glad he’s OK bless. He’s cute as a button.

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