Posted by: Moon | October 17, 2011

From a bruised arse, to a bruised hand.. what next ?

So, following my spectacular tumble last week, I have incurred further injuries from Sunday.

I was bitten for the fist time by a dog. A proper, full on, ‘prise the jaws of my hand’ kind of bite ! The sad thing about this, it came from my loving, softest, friendly little wandering soul of Bilbo.

As normal, happens at least once a day, lead by Meg, the two little sods decided to escape and go walk about in the village. I am not to bothered by this anymore, but I feel I am responsible if my two dogs are annoying other villager’s dogs who are kept in their own gardens, so I dutifully whistle (glad I learnt to do that when I was young) Finally, Meg comes dashing up to me, which is strange, as Bilbo is normally the one to return first. In the distance I can now see Bilbo dashing towards me, but not in his normal bouncy style, but is a run for you life, low to floor dash.

As he gets close my heart begins to break. I can see he is only on 3 legs, his front left leg dragging and flopping about. I am sure it is broken. He dashes past me, and into the large drainage channel, scared, shivering and not moving. I cannot reach him, and nothing is making he move. He was so scared, shaking, crying …. Broke my heart.

I sprint Meg back home, ready to face the worst with Bilbo. I as run back to the road, he come rushing up to me, still on three legs, with the third just hanging down. He lets me scope him up, and just shakes in my arms. I take him home, sit quietly, and examine him the best I can. The good news was that the leg wasn’t broken, marked, and just painful, he just lay so still in my arms, I thought I was about to lose him. I took him to his kennel, got a blanket and just lay him down, sat with him, stroking him, and wondering what else I could do.

I think he was either hit by a car, or bitten by another dog. I am not sure. He is quite a timid soul, but who knows. I took him another blanket, and as I tried to get him comfy, he suddenly snapped and locked onto my hand. For a small dog, I can assure you he has a big bite. I had to prise his jaws off me. I did swear. I left him alone to settle, he was so still, motionless, shallow breathing, in shock. I could do nothing, I sat on my house steps and cried. I could not bear the thought of him just slipping away. After a few mines of this, I decided to act my full 40 years, get up off my arse, and check him again. He was sleeping, so I left him for a couple of hrs.

I returned, he wagged his tail, stood slowly, and I genuinely felt he looked sorry for biting me. Not his fault at all, if you poke anything hard enough, it will react. He ate well, and I let him off his lead, and he limped over to see Meggie. Throughout the night he was ok, and this morning, looked 10x’s stronger. I think I might over reacted, but he looked in so much pain, and so forlorn …..

Just shows how much we love our pets ….



  1. Oh dear. How is Bilbo doing now? you taking him to the vet

    • I will, today he was much better, limping, but he did wag his tail. Our cosin is a vet, so she will look him over for us x

  2. Oh I would have been the same they are family aren’t they? I’m so relieved he is ok. I love dogs there is no way je meant it horribly like you at you probably just shifted a sore spot. So glad he’s ok x

  3. Oh no bless him! I’d have cried my eyes out, hope he’s ok now.

  4. awww bless, i am sure u was really scared for him, glad it all turned out ok. x

  5. Oh nooo, just have just made me cry. I am glad he is better 😉 @Kahanka

  6. Phew finally caught up on your past posts, the house is looking gorgeous, it’s been quite a journey watching it develop. Matje is just cute as a button and from me that’s saying something since I’m toddlerphobic (they leak at both ends). Sorry about the fall but at least you didn’t faceplant into a kerb (yeh I’ve done that) and finally, poor dog, then I’m always a little suspicious of a biter even if they are in pain. Watch yer fingins.

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