Posted by: Moon | October 13, 2011

I fell, it hurt ..

I do not like Gravity or Newton, he was clearly a tosser and when Gravity works against you its a bastard I suppose we do need it, but yesterday it was my undoing.

I landed on my Butt… not just a stumble, but a full on, comedy fall .. down some steep steps, carrying a heavy, tiled topped, chest of drawers.

These were not your normal house stairs, these were the stairs that lead up into the attic. I have been up and down these stairs a fair amount, and admittedly had a couple of wobbles on occasions, but never took a tumble. Yesterday afternoon I certainly did. I was moving the first of our boxes from their 2 year vacation in the attic, and rather than moving the shoes from the side of the steps, I thought it would be best (easiest) to step aside of them.

So, when I was in the Kermit position (Where he was not at the bottom, and not at the top, about the stair where the little green fucker stops), maybe he tripped me,… I realised that my center of gravity was a little too far back, and that point when you just know there is no coming back. With my hands full of this bastard chest of drawers, I just knew the worst was coming … Oh fucking hell I might of yelled … At the base of these stairs, there is no room. The is a cupboard full of stuff and the hoover also lives there, not the most comfortable for my peachy arse to land on.

I crashed, from about 10ft up, into said cupboard, with one foot still lodged on the Kermit step….. bugger Ouchee…. the drawers landing on me, and stressing my knee to bend the wrong way, which, btw, it does not like. Some of my readers know I suffer from bad knees, and I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to help…. As I landed, I managed to crash through the two wardrobe draws on the cupboard, pull them off with my tracksuit bottom, now indecently ripped btw, and lodge myself in this prone position …. I might, just might of said a few colorful words at this point.

I managed to tumble the drawers of me, get my other leg under me, and release my trapped knee, remarkably, just a slight twist and some swelling has come from this, a rather nasty bruise on my shin, and a rather Peachy Arse Bruise ……

Yes, I am an idiot !



  1. Ouch! Hope that’s not as painful as it looks, and hope, on the meantime, you have lots of frozen peas to sit on.

    • It is a little sore this morning !

  2. Hahahahaha brilliant!
    I don’t mean this meanly but more in a way that I love seeing people fLl it’s hilarious. Actually, that does sound pretty mean. Well I’m sorry your hurt that looks nasty.
    Nice bum!

    • You hurt me more than my fall ….

  3. Ouch.

    I’m not laughing.


    • It fucking hurt !

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