Posted by: Moon | September 26, 2011

Stick a broom up my arse and I’ll sweep the floor too !

It’s exhausting ….. not just physically, but mentally for us both right now ..

As always, we have a lot on our plate, but with the 27th of Oct rapidly coming towards us, we are now in full stress, mental mode !

“Why ?” I hear you all ask……

Well, the date above is the date that we must be moved into the house by.

“Why that date?” again you all chirp ….

That’s the date my brother and his lovely wife come to visit us for the third time in Slovakia. So, we must be moved in by then. The place won’t be finished, that will never happen I feel (think about the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge…..) but, we will be ready for them. I am pleased that we have been set this date for them, it gives us the goal, the aim, that we have to be sorted by then.

Autumn is here now, although we have stunning days, the nights are now cold, and more importantly, becoming damp and foggy. The damp will get into the house if we do not get a move on and get living there.

So, what are we up to ? Well, a few things (there’s a surprise) … Work is manic for us both. Our company is getting stronger and busier, which leads us to be busier and busier. My role as a Program Manager for our newest, and biggest customer is challenging me, and keeping me of mischief, and Mrs M role as product development manager is running her off her socks. I have the client visiting this week, so that will involve some late nights, and then Mrs M has to go to a ‘bonding’ course for managers, which takes her away until Saturday morning, leaving me to do the daddy stuff at home. Along side this, we have money to organise, more and more builders to organise and supervise, and for me, I now have a full time job working at the house.

This week, any spare time I have I will be painting. Sounds easy, but when you have a whole house to paint, inside and outside, that’s a lot of painting ! Fresh plaster takes an extra coat as well, and with my wonderful beams, even more work in preparation and covering them ! I have so far spent two weeks doing this, and so far, two rooms are complete, ready for the carpet to be sorted. I will now start at the other end of the house, the kitchen. White, white and white is the order of the day here. Might change our minds later, but for now, we have no idea on what colour we would really like, need to get a feel for the place.

What else this week … Well, our builder should finish all inside work. The fireplace is the key, and then a trap door for the wine cellar (added numerous grey hairs this week as Matej toddles towards the opening!)…. The kitchen tiles are all down (looks brilliant) and the kitchen will be fitted next weekend.

On Weds, we have the final doors fitted. This means, after owning the place for 15 months, we will have keys, and we can lock our doors. For 15 months, the house has been open to anyone, or indeed anything (hate rats) who wants to come on in. We have been very lucky over the things we have just left in the house, nothing has gone missing…. That’s why we love our village !

We now have lights in our rooms, how cool is that, no more dragging leads and lamps everywhere !

The house ends are now sealed and plastered, ready for me to paint.

All in all, we are on track… just need the boiler to be moved (like we knew you had to have it a meter from the electric box !) and a new door knocked through to accommodate this, the furnace is ordered, needs to be fitted, and I think that is about it …. Carpets delivered, bathroom to be finished, toilets fitted, but bacteria for the waste recycling … anything I have forgotten … probably !



  1. sounds like its all going really well, am really looking forward to seeing the final (or as final as it will get (refers back to goldengate bridge comment)) pictures, and reading your “finally in there” blogs.

  2. It is going well, we have been quite lucky there has been no huge crisis or surprises .. and we will soon be there, more photos on Thursday / Friday I think !

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