Posted by: Moon | September 13, 2011

A rambling post ….4 years of change

Nothing to say really, just thought I’d ramble on, after all, that is the name of the blog right ???

It has been about 4 years since I left England, headed out to California, and then came to settle into Slovakia. Things have changed in my life more than they ever have before. That’s not supposed to happen to a 40 yr old right ? I mean, are we not supposed to be settled in Suburbia with the Ford in the driveway, and the 2.4 children running around …. I always thought that would be you know, but how different could my life be ?

I don’t think I know of anyone out there who has had such a roller coaster of a ride in life. Don’t get me wrong, apart from my Dad’s death back when I was 18, it has all be self induced. I made these choices, and I am sure most of them have been the correct choice ?

After all, at 40, I am happier than I ever have been. I have more in my life that I ever imagined possible, so that means the choices I have made have all be correct.

It amazes me sometimes how easily I and Mrs M seem to take tough choices. I decided to quit my City job in a few days to follow her to the USA. With 12 hrs of me learning I had lost my job whilst in Canada, and could not return back home, we decided I would fly back to England and Mrs M would follow as soon as she could. We decided within a day or so to come to Slovakia and buy a small piece of land here, and to build a place….. we then also took the decision with a day of buying this old cottage, change our plans of the old land, sell and rebuild the cottage we are now so close to moving into ….

So, how come we can make these decisions so fast ? are we reckless ? Are we lucky they work out ?…. I would say no to both of these. I would say a couple of things, make a choice, and wholeheartedly give it a go, after all, you can always change that choice right ?… and I never ever want to die wondering …? .. I never want to look back and say ‘I wonder if’… Now, I know all of the choices we made were before Matej, and that obviously changes how reckless we can be, but I still think we will always makes choices quickly and then look forward rather than to look back ..

I wonder what choices I will have to make going forward ? I would say nothing major now, but then I would have said that every year since I have been with Mrs M, but clearly, that wasn’t the case …..

I wonder if anyone has had more changes in a short time span as we have ???… if you have…. I’d love to hear about it ?

Do you think we have been lucky it seems to have worked out ? Or do you wish maybe you could make decisions so quickly and go with that conviction

Whatever anyone ever says about me, they can never doubt my enthusiasm to take a chance, commit, and live with that choice !



  1. I think that the changes you’ve made could have gone one way or the other, but that your enthusiasm and conviction to make them work means that failure is not an option. Where one door closes, another one opens!

  2. I guess that is right, we made some choices, some were forced upon us, but the important part is we embraced them, and made them positive.

  3. It shows a brilliant zest for life in a way, not having that settled down routine that a lot of 40 year olds have. And some people would be afraid of making one decision involving emigration and making a home.

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