Posted by: Moon | September 11, 2011

Ever Closer – The Underfloor Heating goes in !

A huge leap forward in the building of the house. This was the last major work we had to get completed. Obviously, underfloor heating effects the whole house, but also, with this complete, we have our final floor now laid as well. It is not a cheap option, and certainly not an easy option. Lots of preparation goes into laying the heating, but we are so happy now it is done. I walked around the house on Sunday Morning, and I felt like a giant ! from day 1, until now, we have raised the floor by over 40cms. That is a huge amount of concrete, and for the first time, the ceilings were not miles above me. The windows are now at the correct height, the fireplace can be visualized properly….. It really feels like a home now ..

So, this first picture is of the hallway leading into the bathroom. I include this one because it is the only photo I have that shows the polystyrene layers before the black, pipe holding layer went down. Maros and I spent 12 long hours laying this stuff down. I HATE the ‘squeaky’ sound of polystyrene, so 12 hrs of fitting, cutting, squeezing in the bloody stuff, over every inch of the house like a huge jigsaw puzzle was no fun ! It is best to do this in two layers (5cm each) for better insulation, but you have to make sure the joints do not match with each layer.

On top of this, goes the black, plastic layers that will hold the pipes in place. Again, fitted all over the house…. I didn’t fit this, this is where we had the experts come in.

and here we have the first of the water pipes being clipped into place.

Once all the pipes have gone in, tested and fitted to the two manifolds we have, the concrete men come in. It took the guys two days to complete the pipework, they were excellent, worked long days, fast, tidy, and have done a great job. The concrete men then pumped the first layer of concrete all over the house. This is special concrete designed for this application, and after letting it set over night, the following day they came and completed the job. Again, fast, clean, good guys who have done a great job.

The whole house now has one floor level, and looks like this:
Matej’s Room

Our Room

The living Room

Fireplace and one of the manifolds

Kitchen and dining room

and the ever helpful….. Matej

Once we are done, maybe our crop of this will help calm the nerves ?

So, where now.. well, we have the patio doors and external doors to come, they will be with us in 2 weeks. We have the fireplace to finish, and on Monday, the kitchen is starting to go in….. On Monday, we are going to buy the paint, so I can start to paint the place from Tuesday onwards… and we have chosen carpets and tiles …. so, nearly our pain, and yours for reading this blog… is coming to end … we hope…. I have plans to be living here within a month……



  1. Wow! That is fascinating, I love the transformation; it’s like Grand Designs! You are so clever to be doing this. Keep the photos coming.

    Personally I can’t stand underfloor heating because I hate having hot feet, but it is incredibly effective.

    Matej’s so cute!

    • Thank you, he is a little star for us at the moment….. I like the underfloor heating as I really didn’t want radiators and pipes everywhere…… the planning of the ideas for us was quite simple, putting into reality not so easy !

  2. I am posting another comment because I’ve twigged that’s the only way to get e-mail notifications. And I think I put my details in wrongly!

  3. I recall the photos of the original property, and that at the time I was wondering what the bloody h**l you had got yourself into. These photos supply the answer – you got yourself into a home! Well done all of you!

    • We still have a little to go, but we feel the light is def on at the end of the tunnel, I will do a final post at some point going from the old cottage we bought to the final ‘home’ … it has been hard work, but we are getting there

  4. You can really see the work that has gone into the building, and it is looking great. Really lovely, and really easy to live in once it is completed. And Matej looks so cute and so big! Congratulations on a great job, and hope the rest goes quickly and smoothly.

    • A huge amount has gone into this, building a new place would have been so much easier, but, it would not have the soul this place has got … We wanted an open, bright house, no small dark rooms, so we are delighted with the changes made, and the vision we both had to start with…. and Matej, well, he grows as his new home grows x

  5. I’m with Cortes – we’ve refurbished a couple of houses before and it’s bloody hard work – and nothing needing as much as this house needed! But it’s looking fantastic – get my room ready 🙂

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