Posted by: Moon | September 8, 2011

Hiring workers – Things you didn’t know about ….

Hiring workers in Slovakia are a funny thing, like all countries, you get the good, the not so good, and the bloody awful. We had a choice when we took on this project of rebuilding the Slovak cottage, in fact three choices, one of which was never gonna happen !

1 – Get a company to do everything and hand us the key at the end
2 – Find individual trades to do the job for us
3 – Do it all myself

Have a guess which was wasn’t a goer ??

We took the option of finding all the trades ourselves, and when I say ‘ourselves’, I obviously mean Mrs M ! My Slovak is improving, but, it is not that good. We have chosen well, you all know that our builder is just fantastic, his speed, his commitment and quality of work is just great He does get paid above average for Slovakia, but I kinda believe that you get what you pay for, and the added bonus he gives us with looking after the whole project is worth every penny.

We have also chosen well with Roofers, Sparks, Plumber and heating, the only mistake we made was with the fireplace, which turned out to not be a huge error.

But, here is the thing I don’t quite get with Slovak trade…. When we negotiated a hourly rate with our builder (strange in itself, normally you get a price for the job, but as we didn’t know what we were getting into, be decided an hourly rate) it was made clear that not only did we always pay for the lunch hour (to be fair, Maros never ever takes an Hr), but we were also expected to provide the lunch for the workers ….. that’s really strange for me, and fortunately, the builder agreed this was unnecessary, and didn’t push it, but it certainly is expected. We have our heating workers here at the moment, they have come from up north to do the job, the lead worker we know very well, and is a close family friend, but we have had to find and pay for their accommodation, provide lunch and dinner for them…..

I can understand paying for accommodation I guess, but I would expect this to be included in the final price, but for Mrs M to provide lunch, and for me to cook dinner (yes, I did the cooking) for them is strange, something I would never expect to do….

We do provide coffee on site, and for our labourers, part of the deal is we provide them with beer daily….. (don’t ask, we just do) … but never did I expect that we would be a canteen as well !

Things you learn huh !

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