Posted by: Moon | September 7, 2011

These boots were made for Walking !

Tara’s The Gallery’ gave me an excuse to revisit this blog I wrote, and to celebrate by greates pair of shoes !

Sometimes you have to make a panic buy, you know, you have 30mins to get something you need, but you have no time…. Well, that’s what happened with these boots.

We were leaving sunny California for Christmas with my sister in Vancouver, when it struck us that we only had flip flops to wear, not really what you want to stop Jack Frost nipping at your tootsies huh !.. so we dashed of to the local Mall, and rushed into a sports shop, you know the type, we stock everything for every sport, but we haven’t got a Scooby what it all does….. Now, I never buy specialist things from general sports shops. If you want decent walking boots, go to a Hiking shop.. simple, but, needs must. We were looking at expensive, got to the top of Everest type of walking boots when we decided, lets just get something to get us through Christmas, not a big rushed splash out on the wrong boots, so I found a pair for $20, size 8, sturdy, comfortable (for the 10 steps I took around the shop floor) and I was happy enough.

Well, 4 years later, I am pretty sure I have had my $20’s worth ….

They have been sensational… they have walked miles, kept my feet dry every step, and not a blister in sight. They have been walked around Big Bear, Big Sur, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, Hoover Dam, The Canyon, Tatras Mountains, Vancouver Island, Bear Watching and Whale watching in Canada and Alaska, Ireland, Slovakia, Northchurch Common, Portland Maine, NYC, San F, San Diego and finally, their final resting place, No 3 Medvecke…. Building our new house….

Just sometimes you get a bargain, and these wonderful boots have seen and done it all…. For $20 !!!



  1. They look so comfortable! you’ll find it very hard to part with them!

    • They are beginning to split too !

  2. wow they’ve done some walking!! I’m sure you’ll never find a pair as good to replace them

    • Sadly your are right …. still, not bad for 20 Bucks !

  3. Wow. They have been properly worn. Love that they have a little story of their own and have followed you all over the world. Lovely. RIP Moon’s boots x

    • Seems quite fitting they should end their days at our new home !

  4. Isn’t it great when something just works like that? They look like they could tell some stories – great pic.

  5. Wow, these boots sure have a lot of tales to tell! Love the way you took the photo too.

  6. These boots have character and just shows there are still bargains to be had somewhere in the world

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