Posted by: Moon | September 4, 2011

The building of a fireplace…

After our first mistake in building this house, we took down the laughable excuse of the previous effort, and had another fireplace man arrive to sort out the mess, and then our ever patient, skillful, determined builder resurrect the new one ..

The results are stunning, and we cannot wait to have it finished.

Our builder is a real rarity, he is dedicated, has never let us down, over the course of nearly a year now, he has been at our place, working in the rain, snow, sweltering heat to get us into our home. He lives in our small village, and he has become a firm friend of mine, and a builder you can trust. He never just does something to get it done, he treats our place like it was his own home. His attention to detail on this fireplace has been admirable, and if you ever want a builder… Maros is your man !

He did have a little help ……

the brighter reading amongst you might have noticed a change in floor colour … well, this is the start of the Hydro insulation… on top of this will go 15 cms of poly styrene, then the underfloor heating, then sealant concrete …. then we are ready to decorate !!!!!



  1. Wow, and it looks like you have a great helper too!

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