Posted by: Moon | September 1, 2011

House Updates

It has been a while since you last had a view of the mansion that will be called Walnut Tree Cottage … well, I think that is what we will call it ….

We have done huge amounts again, and we really feel we might be getting close to a moving date ..

We have now had all the walls plastered. This was a big job, and it took 4 men 10 days to complete all the walls and ceilings… They are now all ready to be painted !!!! yay !!!

These two are the two views of the Kitchen, the raised level you can see is where the whole floor level will be after the underfloor heating has been installed. You can see the rebuilt steps leading down to our wine cellar

This the view into our main bedroom, and the door leading off into Matej’s room.

And this is the view right down the length of the house, living room, kitchen etc to the right, large open windows and doors leading outside to the raised patio and the garden.

From the outside, things are changing slowly….

We have a complete, new roof all over… very happy with this being finally completed. We have spent aa huge amount of time and money getting this complete. It is obviously very important to the house, and as we will look at it for many many years, we knew we had to get it right !

Our builder has also started work ‘softening’ the outside edges to the patio. I am proud to say this was my idea, and he has done it perfectly, we have the raised wall complete now, and will be filling the flower beds with soil this weekend, ready for the different flowers etc we would love, just very happy to see the final images taking place.

So, we are heading towards the finishing line, we have one major project left, the heating system. We have bought the boiler, the pellet fired furnace, and the underfloor heating system will be installed next week. This is the last major part of the plan, after that, kitchen fitted, white goods are ordered, fireplace finished…. and well, dare I dream ..

and finally, this is one house I built ….. Matej’s 1st birthday present….. and it stayed together, even after 5 children rampaging over it !



  1. both homes are beautiful! You both should be very proud of what you have done.

    • I think, when we move in, then we will feel some of the pride, currently, juggling Money and getting the right people there at the right time is our worry !

  2. I am truly impressed Moon. Great job! If I ever get there, can I try the slide!?!

    • No…….. and you will get here one day, I am sure of that !

  3. Looking good!

    • It is getting there x

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