Posted by: Moon | August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Son

I am in denial… surely not… really … Noooooooo .. a whole year …. No Way !

This little fella has been in our lives for a year now, today Matej turns 1 year old, just incredible…

I have chosen just a few of the incredible images this little soul has given us over the last 12 months. I sit here with tears in my eyes as I type, because he is the most amazing thing ever to have come in touch with my life.

He is a wonder, the joy of seeing him in the morning as he wakes and ‘chats’ away to us. The way he breaks into a smile, then the wondrous giggle that follows. I true miracle to me.

As he wobbles on his legs as he walks from room to room endlessly, falls on his butt, and giggles.. what can I say.

I have been amazed at how easy he is, this maybe because of the routines we have, the way we are around him when things go a little astray, but maybe, we just got lucky with him ? He is starting to push some boundaries, started to have some small moments of strops when he has things taken from him, or when things do not quite go the way he wants, but that’s ok, he is growing up. I know that harder times are ahead, but I also know that we have a very easy going, always smiling, full of character little man.

We adore this soul, like no love I have ever felt before.

Happy Birthday our little man, thank you for a wonderful, exciting, adventurous 1st year, roll on the next one x



  1. Happy birthday!!!!! What a fantastic little man he’s growing up to be xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Matej!!!! Hope you have a dn
    Fantastic day!

  3. Wow, is he really a year old already?! Happy Birthday Matej!

  4. Amazing! He is one very happy little boy. You are so blessed.

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