Posted by: Moon | August 15, 2011

Off on a jet plane

I have an addiction to travel, even last week for work I had to go and drive no more than 20 mins to go see some Steel suppliers (not too exciting), but just getting out of a routine, going place excites me. Next Sunday I am off on some proper travels.

It’s sadly a business trip, and sadly only for 4 nights, but I still get a buzz about it. I have to go to Chicago to meet a customer and a logistics supplier (Yawnnnnnn) The client happens to be the largest off road, large construction company in the world, and could give us more and more business in the future, as project manager, I have to go see them and be nice to them ! Even though this is work, I get the buzz. I love airports, they are happy, exciting places, people going off to places new, or back to familiar homes and loves. I fly through Heathrow, and airport that always holds great memories of travels past for me, and then into a new city.

Even though I lived in the USA for 2 years, and saw a fair amount, I have only ever seen Chicago from O’Hare … bit like seeing London from Heathrow ! so, I am excited by this. I love to see new freeways, road signs, different cars…… I love all of that.

I love going to new business meetings, new offices, new voices…. strange, but these things make me tick. Sitting in a bar at the end off the evening, new TV, new beers…. I even enjoy the hotel room !

It is tiring, never make the mistake to think short trips for business are easy. Meetings do not stop for jetlag, on coming home, the jetlag remains and keeps you unsettled for a week, but I still love the thrill of travelling. I don’t get stressed by arriving in place, trying to find taxis, hotels, meeting new people, I embrace and enjoy that. I love walking out of an airport into a new place, so many people doing everything as though it’s normal life for them, for me, it;s the start of a new adventure into this world of ours.

The old question of what you would do if you won millions …. well, for me that is easy. I would buy a nice, top of the range, Range Rover. Start at Cape Horn and simply drive ……..I never get bored of a new scenery rolling out in front of me. I never get bored of the rush as my plane takes off, or seeing the faces of all as you walk out from the plane.

It’s what I love….

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