Posted by: Moon | August 14, 2011

My Silent Sunday


  1. What a gorgeous photo!

  2. What a beautiful lady and photograph…absolutely gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful shot.

  4. Oh stunning photo, is this someone you know or are you a wedding photographer? x

    • Ha ha … Wedding photographer !… no.. but, I guess we were for the day, this is my wife’s cousin, and she got married yesterday, and our present was to take the photos for her x

  5. What a great photo! Who is she and who is she waiting for or spying on? Hiding from?

    • She was waiting for her Husband to be to show up !

  6. oh wow, lovely photo very elegant

  7. Lovely shot – beautiful dress, you’ve really captured the details and the moment.

  8. Gorgeous picture – so unobtrusive it captures the moment really well!

  9. Gorgeous picture!! Looks like one those classic old movie shots, very nice.

  10. Stunning pic and beautiful lady. Love the way she is peeping through…

  11. That is a beautiful photograph, she will love that one, well done!

  12. It was a joint effort with Mrs M and I…. we both love the same thinsg

  13. What a beautiful photo, you are clever. Stunning dress too x

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