Posted by: Moon | August 5, 2011

Matej’s Christening, What a wonderful day !

We travelled back to England for a two week holiday during June, to see my family, for Matej to see his Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, and for us to take the chance to Christen him in England. I have some religious views, I won’t share them, they are for me alone, but I will say that we thought important to do this, and to make it very special to me and my family, to have him christened in Northchurch. My family village, in St Marys, where all of my family have been hatched, matched and dispatched. Matej, to my knowledge, is the 5th generation of my family to be christened here. I also wanted him to know his roots in the future, and to know part of him will always have history in England and Northchurch.

So, for the first time ever, Mum had her whole family, including a grandson together, DBM from Canada had made the special trip over to be there, and it was wonderful to have us all together. My family are very close, we have a daft sense of humour that I think Mrs M finds difficult to understand. They drive me nuts at times, but I am so lucky to have them, and when I have needed them, they all come running. Matej could not have more perfect Uncles and Aunts, and the presents they gave him were wonderful All three of them came up with amazing gifts, and strangely all so different. I know he will treasure them when his older. I will say, the gift DBM gave him he already loves, and I always use the “Big Pooh” joke !

The day was very simple, easy and relaxed. Matej was a star in the church, happy as Larry, apart from having some kind of fixation with the candle, Note to self, he is a fire starter, twisted fire starter ! The service was simple, quick, easy and the Rev was a star. My brother did mention he was concerned that Matej was maybe too comfortable with a bloke in a dress !

We went back to raise a glass of champers to wish him all the best for his future, then we let him run amok amongst all our friends.

A huge thank you goes to Englishmum for the incredible coloured cupcakes ! We wanted something a little different, and she came up trumps for us, thanks Coos.

Matej has now also started walking, you parents will know the stage, the tottering, wobbling, delighted few steps before gravity takes hold. It a wondrous thing, but also means another set of eyes required to know where the little sod has got to now !

I got chance to see my second family, our neighbours from old who we spent all our days with, a couple of old friends from my work and golf trips who drove long miles to be there, and many friends from my cricket club who I miss daily. Thanks also to my photographer, Javers, a job well done, and I enjoy the sneaky boob shots too !

Matej even loved my jokes in my speech, what a boy !

To cap the day off perfectly, we had a surprise visit from EM Hubby, not every little boy get a personal fly by, esp with a dipped nose to say hello, Matej was thrilled with this, the noise and seeing his first helicopter, thanks again EM’s hubby, very special and thoughtful !


  1. Congratulations on the Christening. Sounds like a fantastic day and Matej looks like he had lots of fun! I used to think, from past pictures, that Matej looked like Mrs M, but he looks a complete mix in some of those pics. Congrats again!! Lovely memories

  2. Sounds like it was a really lovely occasion – something you’ll enjoy telling Matej about when he is older, congratulations to you all!

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