Posted by: Moon | August 3, 2011

Been a while, House updates …

So, after a few weeks of being away, I thought it was time to let you all know that the light at the end of the tunnel has now been switched on !

Don’t get too excited, a move in date is still a distance off, but we have made two further significant improvements.

We now have new windows installed, in fact, we now have all the windows installed, we are only missing the large patio doors. This is a huge development, and finally shows the intended views and the huge amount of light these large windows will give the house. We also chose windows that when opened gave us the maximum clear views of the gardens, meaning there are no middle windows bars when you open them fully.

The second move forward is the new roof. As you can imagine, this was a huge project, it took over 3 weeks to just get to the point where the woodwork is finished and the protective ‘foil’ has been fitted. I actually worked on this for a few days, and it enlightened me into how complex these structures can be. When I have seen them do this in England, you simply buy the A frame, slot them in and Bob’s your Uncle … not here. These guys took raw timber and built everything. Because we are renovating an old cottage, we had to fix the ‘ring’ that the whole roof sits on, the to build the roof. It was a great experience, and made a huge difference to us.

This week the final roof tiles are going on, so by Saturday we will have the final, finished roof !

We have also started finishing the ceilings inside. They have all been insulated with thick polystyrene and neatly finished, all ready for painting !.. woo hoo…. even thinking about painting….

Another touch we have done is the guttering all around the place. This is the first time this old house has had such a luxury, so we now how to plan where all the rain water will finally end um, not as easy as just fitting down pipes and letting it be ! thankfully, on one side of the property we have a deep well, so the water can drain there, the other side… well, I have my thinking cap on !

So what next….. We had a meeting with our builder during the week, and he is already thinking of his next job, and trying to estimate a start date for that, so, we sat down to go through the projects we have left, there are some major ones to go, but realistically, we can see the end is in sight. The last ‘major’ addition will be the boiler, furnace, and under floor heating. This will be the most expensive part we think, and therefore we are now waiting on further decisions from the bank. Once we get the go ahead, we can finish this, which then triggers off the completion of external doors, the final plastering and then the decorating. The Chimney will be completed next week after meetings yesterday, and as soon as the outside walls have been finished, I can start to paint the house.

So, still a decent amount of work to go, but, the light is glowing ….



  1. Ooooh, you’ve got windows! That’s coming along beautifully.

    • yeah ! all done now with those, a total of 12 windows !… coming along.. slowly …

  2. That’s coming on amazingly. So exciting

    • Thank you, just can’t wait for it to be finished, seems a long time ago I took the first bricks down, but slowly we are getting there … putting the new roof on has made a huge difference, and a great boost for us

  3. Looks like it’s coming on very nicely and the windows look lovely! The roof makes such a difference doesnt it? Hope it all goes smoothly and quickly for the remaining stuff!

  4. oooh loooking good there Moon and you’re on the winning stretch. Really lovely to see it all coming together so well. And Matej is walking too – YAY.

    Your windows look great, we have similar ones in the downstairs here (no middle bars). I wonder if inwards opening windows are the norm in Slovakia as they are here in Bulgaria? I once asked for a quote for griends who wanted outward opening windows (like the UK) and was met with lots of tutting, head bobbing and amazement.

    • Ia m not sure about normality, but now I think about it, they do all open inwards ! We wanted big large windows for light and space. People thought we were crazy, you will lose so much heat….. well, I think people forget triple galzed windows are pretty good with that, and now they have seen the light, literally, they all love it. Slovak houses are sooooo dark, tiny tiny windows !

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