Posted by: Moon | July 6, 2011


On Thursday we make the short flight from Vienna to Heathrow. Only a 2.5 hr flight, should be a breeze. We flew with Matej at Christmas when he was only 4 months, and it was very easy, now he is 10 months, I think it will more of a challenge. With a 2.5 hr drive to Vienna, 3 hrs at the airport, and then the flight, collecting bags, getting the hire car and the drive to sunny Northchurch to my Ma’s … means an all in trip of about 9 hrs ! …

When we moved here we decided that we would not spend every holiday we could heading back to Northchurch, too many things to see and do here, and the surrounding parts of central and Eastern Europe, however, this is one trip we just had to make.

The reason for the trip is to get Matej Christened. It means a lot to me that he will follow in the footsteps of 4 generations of my family to be christened in my Church. Not only that, this church has seen a huge amount of monumental moments in my life, from the burial of 2 grandparents, 2 further grandparents in the other side of our family, the marriage of my grandparents, Ma and Pa, and siblings, and me twice ! Many other family and friends weddings, and sadly other tough funerals. Although not hugely religious, this Church holds many of my memories, good and bad, and gives me a place I feel calm and thoughtful in.

Not only that, as a family, we will all be together. This happens very rarely, and I know it gives Mum huge amounts of satisfaction, pride and happiness to have her 4 children together, and for the first time, with her 1st Grandchild. It means a huge amount to me that my 3 siblings make the effort to all be there, esp Dr DBM coming from Vancouver, to be part of their Nephew’s special day, and to become his Godparents.

Other notable things happening in the two weeks is a weekend up at my Brother’s. They have both made a huge effort to visit us here in Slovakia, I cannot wait to spend the weekend with them, nothing to do except see the horses, drinks some beers and enjoy their company.

We will spend some time at my Cricket Club. People that have seen my tattoo know how much the place means to me, and to be able to spend some time there with my little boy will be priceless.

We will try to visit London for the day, and we 100% spend the day at Whipsnade with Dr DBM, EnglishMum and her two boys. Really looking forward to that, esp the picnic EM has kindly said she would prepare from her beloved Waitrose.

I don’t think this kind of holiday is relaxing, but I am very excited, to have my little boy back the my village….. yay !!!




    Can’t wait to see you though xx

    • I believe you last email to me read something along the lines of “I am not making your fucking picnic!”

      • What? No picnic? I have flown all the way over from the other side of the world, and I am not getting a picnic? Well, that’s just not right, that isn’t!

  2. I’m really looking forward to that picnic………..

    • Your Cousin is being very mean ….

  3. I’ll make the picnic if you finance it. And wait, you’re already here, DBM?

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