Posted by: Moon | July 3, 2011

Matej at 10 months

Here is my little boy, at 10 Months…. time flies !


  1. Such a cutie 😉 @Kahanka

    • Thank you, we are biased, but we think so !

  2. So good that he looks like his mum. 10 months already . . tell me about it. My baby’s getting married on the 30th!

  3. Funny how some people say he is all Mrs M, and other all me, lucky I think he has Mrs M’s looks !…. and it amazing how the time does fly, I guess I should start planning his education and marriage now ?

  4. He looks gorgeous and so happy! Look at those teeth 🙂 (mine is currently teething, I see teeth everywhere!)

    • I love his little toofs, however, Mrs M is not so keen !

  5. Good grief he’s changed so much since I last checked in! He looks gorgeous, such a cute big smile 😀

  6. Thanks Jay, he does love a big smile !… and he is on the verge of walking…… trouble ahead I fear !

  7. Look at him! He’s gorgeous, happy boy and with loads of teeth too! Many sleepless nights had while they were coming through eh Dad? x

    • You know, he was not too bad, just a little grumpy, but thankfully, not a painful experience for either of us ! I think we got lcky with this little one…….

  8. What a happy chap!

    • What did you expect with me for his Dad ?

  9. Awwwwww!!! And he looks a lot like you! In fact he looks a lot like you both. How do babies do that?

  10. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, by the way. No, never easy losing a parent, but we must be grateful that she DID leave a hole. There are many people to whom losing a parent is no particular loss, or even a relief. It’s certainly not that for me, but that in itself is something to be glad of.

    • One person says he looks like me, the other like Mrs M …… sorry I didn’t notice earlier, not been around the blog world for a while, heartbreaking for you xx

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